Top Zero Forex Cards In India: Comparison, Fees, And Rewards

Top Zero Forex Cards In India

Published on March 27th, 2024

A zero forex card allows cardholders to perform international transactions without any currency conversion or markup fees.

This significantly brings down the overall travel expenses. This blog will give you a clear picture of a zero forex card available in India and compare its features, eligibility criteria, and benefits to help readers choose the suitable option.

Niyo Global Card

The Niyo Global Card is a multi-currency debit card that allows users to transact internationally without any foreign exchange fees.

It offers a multi-currency wallet, instant currency conversion, complimentary travel insurance, and worldwide acceptance through the Visa/Mastercard network.

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Zero TCS And Currency Conversion Fees

The Niyo Global Card offers truly zero forex rates without any currency conversion fee or TDS (Tax Collected at Source) on international spending.

This allows travellers to use their Forex card abroad and get interbank exchange rates during the transaction.

Complimentary Lounge Access

Cardholders receive complimentary access to over 1200+ airport lounges globally across more than 500 airports with the Niyo Global lounge membership. This offers a luxurious pre-flight experience.

Cashback On Domestic Spends

Account holders earn up to 1% cashback on domestic card spends within India that can be redeemed on future travels.

Easy Mobile App

Users can easily switch the card to ‘Travel Mode’ via the Niyo mobile app when travelling abroad.

The app offers unique travel tools like VAT refund status, currency converter, ATM and lounge locator facilities.

Validity In 150+ Countries

The card works seamlessly at POS machines, ATMs, and online transactions across 150+ supported global destinations.

Documents Required

  • Signed passport copy
  • One passport-size photo
  • Proof of address (recent utility bill)

Based on the above advantages, the Niyo Global Card is ideal for frequent global travellers looking for a hassle-free international spending solution.

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Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Forex Card

Zero Markup On Currency Conversion

This card provides zero markup fee on currency conversion for both physical card transactions and online payments for e-commerce or billing websites.

Higher Spending Limit

It offers a higher forex spend limit compared to regular debit/credit cards issued by Indian banks.

The standard forex limit is $25,000 or equivalent in other currencies per year.

Cash Withdrawal Fee Waiver

The first five cash withdrawals from overseas ATMs per month are free. Subsequent cash withdrawals are levied a fixed fee of Rs. 250 per transaction.

Documents Required

  • Passport copy (photo and personal details page)
  • One address proof like Aadhaar/PAN card/utility bill

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HDFC Regalia Forex Card

Issued in partnership with Mastercard, the HDFC Regalia Forex Card has the following features:

  • Zero markup on international POS transactions and ATM withdrawals
  • Competitive exchange rates with real-time dynamic currency conversion
  • Base limit of USD 3,000, which can be enhanced as per requirements
  • Lifetime free supplementary cards for family
  • 24/7 concierge support for travel bookings and arrangements
  • Airport lounge access at designated terminals in India and overseas
  • 0.5% cash back on every international transaction
  • Fast funds reload through net banking/debit cards in Indian rupees

The HDFC Regalia Card is suited for those planning trips abroad with family. Its high credit limit, lifetime additional cards and 24/7 concierge services provide good value and convenience.

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Key Takeaways For Choosing The Right Zero Forex Card

  • Analyse your travel patterns – leisure, business, budget, and duration to choose a card that suits your requirements.
  • Compare currency conversion fees, cash withdrawal limits, and acceptance validity across merchants and countries.
  • Check complimentary benefits like airport lounge access, travel insurance, and cashbacks which offer good value.
  • Consider ease of application process and customer service reliability.
  • Maintain documents like valid passport, address/ID proof ready as per issuer’s norms.
  • Activate travel mode in apps while overseas and utilise tools for maximum cost savings.
  • Set spend limits as per your needs and inform the issuer in case of any changes required.

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By researching the top cards and comparing their features & fees transparently, travellers can select the most rewarding zero forex option, fulfilling their needs seamlessly.

This helps travel stress-free without worrying about extra currency conversion costs.