Top 5 Tourist Destinations In The UK Perfect For A Holiday In 2019

Tourist Destinations In The UK In 2019

Published on November 15th, 2018

Great Britain or the United Kingdom offers some of the most attractive destinations anywhere in the world, whether you visit the Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England. Tourists across the world feel overwhelmingly fascinated by culturally rich heritage and the diverse scenic beauty that this country has to offer. This nation easily claims some of the best castles, museums, galleries, and country estates preserved to perfection.

Anyone wanting to explore this beautiful country while on a vacation can do so easily. This must be reckoned among the best aspects of a soulfully fascinating UK vacation. This country is not quite big and may be comparable to the size of Texas or perhaps slightly smaller.

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You may perhaps like to locate somewhere in London or Liverpool from where it would be easy to visit other areas using rail or road communication. Salisbury is barely 90 minutes away by train. If at Salisbury, you may not want to miss the charm of Stonehenge, a hopping bus ride away. Edinburg to Glasgow and vice-versa is just an hour’s train journey.

These tourist spots being well connected by air can also be reached using flights. There are several sites to book and  your flight. Prior to booking, you should get aircraft updates using services of flightradar. Let’s explore top 5 tourist destinations in the UK:

1. Edinburg, the Scotland Capital

Edinburg, the Scotland Capital

There are a large number of attractions here making it one among the most visited spots in UK. Edinburg offers a large number of historic sites with the state of art preservation. The Edinburg castle, for instance, is fantastically spectacular.

Located at a higher altitude than the old city and perched over a hillock, it is a royal fortress of 13th-century vintage. When at Edinburg, no one can afford to miss the Royal Palace housing the Scottish Crown Jewels, and the National War Memorial.

Royal Mile in the Old Town and Holyroodhouse Palace, the famous old palace to be visited from the Castle can leave you dazed in its majestic glory. The boutiques, cafes, galleries and awesome architecture will simply mesmerize you.

There are other fascinating sites such as Princes Street with dining and shopping joints lined up, the Royal Botanical Garden and the National Gallery.


2. London, the UK Capital


No UK bound tourist can afford to miss London. A large number of places to visit here will definitely keep you thoroughly involved. There are historical sites like the London Tower for history aficionados that they can barely afford to miss. It was a prison and palace in former times.

The awsome serene river of Thames in London has across its banks the beautiful Tower Bridge that is bound to delight you. The White Tower is nearly a thousand years old and reckoned among the typical London highlights.

It is the Jewel House, the home to the Crown Jewels. People visiting this site are enthralled by the spectacular display of armor and weapons. The British Royal Family is looked up with huge respect all over the world.

The visitors arriving at London nurture a keen curiosity about the Buckingham Palace, the Royal home since Queen Victoria’s reign. This palace, no wonder, is on their top itinerary list. They certainly find time to watch the change of the guard ceremony, which leaves a mighty impact on viewers with its grandeur and pomposity.

The State Rooms of the Palace usually remain closed except for few weeks in a year. Anyone wanting to visit it must ensure to book their tickets well in advance. The Whitehall area in London has some of the finest buildings, museums and architectural delights, whether you want to see the Big Ben or the Parliament building or Westminster Abbey famous for royal weddings.

You may be delighted to find the exemplary museums at Southern Kensington. The famous Harrods Departmental Store is located here. This is also the site of some of the best museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. London is not over just yet. What about the Trafalgar Square? Nelson’s Column and the National Portrait Gallery are located here.


3. Stonehenge and Salisbury


It is claimed that the fascinating Stonehenge is among the oldest heritage sites on the planet that has continued to attract pilgrims for over 4500 years. Originally created as a worship center, today the tourists are drawn to it for its scale of magnificence. This sprawling site spread over an area of 20 sq. km. is equipped with a visitor center, a state-of-the-art facility that provides information on the history of Stonehenge including its construction. You will do well to book your ticket in advance.

When at Stonehenge, don’t forget the nearby medieval locale about 16 kilometers south of Stonehenge, the city of Salisbury. This city boasts of one among the most famous and the oldest cathedrals going as far back as 1220. This was also the home to the original Magna Carta. You can choose to leisurely saunter through some of the finest churches showcasing the best example of the medieval architecture.


4. Bath


Bath may not be as big as London but you have a large number of things to see here which easily overcomes its small size. It reminds us of the famous Roman Baths after which it has been named. Renowned for its healing waters, this site has continuously attracted visitors for over 2000 years.

The water gushing from three hot springs contains 43 different minerals that impart it the curative properties. The water in these springs travels over 3,048 meters and together deposit water at the rate of 275,000 gallons per day while maintaining a consistent 46.5 degrees centigrade.

Bath is famous not just for its hot springs but also for the beautiful Gregorian architecture. Take a walk through the curved and spectacular Royal Crescent to see the best examples of Gregorian architecture in the palatial town homes. You can take a peek into the life during Gregorian days, if you visit a museum now that is identified as No.1 Royal Crescent.


5. The Lake Districts and the Cotswolds

The Lake Districts and the Cotswolds

One of the most idyllic spots in the UK with its mesmerizing scenic beauty is the beautiful place called Cotswolds. This area covering 1,287 square kilometers of pristine beauty is located west of London at an easy day long trip.

It is a popular tourist destination close to some of the top destinations like Bristol and Bath. Some of the best parts of the countries of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire are included with Cotswold. This regions offers a lifetime unforgettable experience of the rural British country life.

The idyllic pasturelands of this region combined with 16 kilometers long extensive trail network, the Cotswold way with its quaint village greens is bound to leave an indelible impact on the visitors. In addition, there are a large number of fun things to do here from horse riding and biking to strolling through the historic Tetbury or Castle Combe market towns.

The other excellent scenic spot, the Lake District National Park lies barely to the north of the Cotswolds spread over an area of 1,448 square kilometers. The Lake District boasts of including the country’s 12 largest lakes. It is best to explore this pristine region on foot with more than three thousand kilometers long trails. The highest mountain in England, the 978 meters high Scafell Pike and the enthralling towns like Grasmere are some of the highlights of this place.

Images : Wikimedia, Pixabay