14 Most Unique Ways To Celebrate Teddy Bear Day With Your Love

Unique Ways To Celebrate Teddy Bear Day

February 9th, 2018   |   Updated on July 4th, 2022

Teddy bear also has a special place in your girl’s heart. Especially teddy dolls that are squishier will be the first preference. On teddy day, surprise your girl with Teddy and get more kisses buddy

Teddy Day falls on February 10th, on this day love birds across the world gift their love with cute and adorable teddies. Teddy bear day is not only meant for the couples but for everyone, anyone can celebrate and enjoy this day through various ways.

1. Make A Trip To Build-A-Bear

How can you possibly celebrate National Teddy Bear Day without a trip to Build-A-Bear? Even if your child already has that favorite teddy that she sleeps with every night, she deserves the chance to find that bedtime buddy a friend.

Stop by your local Build-A-Bear, or visit the store’s website to shop for your child’s next teddy bear bedmate.


2. Make A Teddy Bear Craft

Make A Teddy Bear Craft

Nothing says “I love teddy bears” like a fun craft project. And this one is so simple! You’ll need a handful of supplies, but the most important thing you’ll need is your imagination.



3. Make Chocolate Pretzel Pops


What kid would ever turn down a delicious snack like a chocolate covered pretzel rod? These are so adorable, and you could even put on a little puppet show before devouring them.



4. Make Teddy Bear Toast

When your little teddy bear snuggler wakes up in the morning, have a cute piece of teddy bear toast ready for them. This is a healthy breakfast that your tot is sure to enjoy, and it’s the perfect way to start a day full of celebrating teddy bears!



5. Make A Paper Bag Puppet

After enjoying a teddy bear themed lunch, break out the craft supplies and make a teddy bear puppet army. Get creative with the characters (or should I say, bear-achters) and put on a show with your kids.



6. Make Bear Cookies

You can’t have a celebration without cookies! Isn’t that the rule? When it comes to National Teddy Bear Day, it is. This special day deserves a very special treat, and these rich cookies will definitely do the trick.


7. Gift 11-Foot Teddy Bear

valentine's day-gifts-3

So the simplest way to celebrate the teddy day is by gifting your partner, friends or family members a huge teddy. Vercart 133 inches 133″ light brown giant teddy bear stuffed animal plush toys gift for kids friends. The bears with very soft plush soft and smooth skin friendly fabric make the bear very comfortable. High quality material make the item quality assured,the bear looks very good with the fluffy cotton material. All the items have security guarantees, please feel relieved about usage.


8. Teddy Bear Theme Party

Teddy Bear Theme PartyImage:

You can host a teddy bear themed party on this day. You can also add up lots of fun activities like dancing, musical chair, etc.


9. Gift Hand Made Teddy Bear

Gift Hand Made Teddy BearImage:

It is not that difficult to make teddies but all you have to do is take some classes from a professional and to put in lots of hard work.


10. Donate Teddy Bear With Heart

Donate Teddy Bear with HeartImage:

Do you realize that you can make a difference? Everyone is not as privileged as we are so this time do something different like donate your old teddy bears to the ones who can’t afford to purchase it. The poor kids are fascinated by teddy bears and even they love playing with it, so make their teddy day special this time.


11. New Clothes

New Clothes


If you want to do something innovative this time then you can stitch clothes for your teddy bears and design the clothes by yourself.


12. Wonderful Teddy Bouquet

Wonderful Teddy BouquetImage:

You can also gift a cute teddy bouquet to your sweetheart. Not only it’s a wonderful ideas for an impressive teddy gift but also a reasonable gifting thing for not being heavy on your pocket.


13. Teddy In A Cute Basket

Teddy In A Cute Basket


Another very beautiful way of gifting your love a teddy day surprise is by gifting a teddy in a beautifully decorated basket to her. It is also a reasonable teddy day gift ideas for your sweetheart.


14. Teddy Day Hamper

Teddy Day HamperImage:

Just pick a cute teddy, a beautiful basket or big box and fill it with the teddy, chocolates, teddy shaped cupcakes, roses and more such things.

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