The 25 Steps To Unlocking Any Woman’s Heart

Unlock women heart

February 15th, 2017   |   Updated on February 26th, 2024

Ever feel there’s a glass ceiling looming overhead? Men believe that women are a complex species, however there are two sides to a story! It’s really easy to make any women happy. The advice, which is aimed at women, promises to improve confidence and assertiveness, increase happiness, improve relationships with friends or colleagues.

Below are 20 secrets of women that help you win their hearts:

1. Get what you want

Get What You Want

Most people feed their minds with negatives all day long about what they don’t want. For your mind to make sense of these requests it has to concentrate on what you don’t want to happen, so you are effectively training your mind to focus on what you don’t want.


2. Feel empowered

Empowered Girl

Swap the ‘sorry’ word for silence for a week and notice the difference,’ says Bec. ‘We fill the air and our emails with meaningless power sucking ‘sorrys’ on a daily basis.’


3. Lower anxiety

Lower Anxiety

When your anxiety starts to get the better of you exhale long and strong and then take a tiny sip of air in,’ recommends Dannie-Lu, who says to repeat the exercise three times. Keep your eyes gentle and ahead of you and then take three steps forward.

4. Get out on the right side of bed

Unlock women heart- Get Up

We all talk about whether we got out the wrong side of the bed, but this trick is helps get your mind out of the right side of the bed every day.


5. Increase your strength


When you need some inner strength The Good Witches recommend painting yourself into a super hero in your mind.
Research has found that body stance can have a powerful affect on our mood.


6. Encourage creativity


When you need a creative boost in your ideas take a walk out into the fresh air, advise The Good Witches, even if it is freezing or raining, or both.


7. Feel grateful

Feel grateful

We often forget to be grateful. We forget what we have and we concentrate on what we don’t have which makes us smaller, shrinks what we think we can do, makes us resentful and stops us being happy.

8. Realise your dreams


We all want great things to happen and we all have dreams, but this is where we are going wrong – they stay dream-like. Making them more concrete will help you move to realising your dream quicker than you could imagine.


9. Be authentic

Be Authentic

If you feel like a fake or disconnected within yourself, speak your top three strengths out loud, beginning with ‘I am…’ and say each one three times.

10. Make yourself heard

Make Yourself Heard

At different times in our lives, we all think that our opinion doesn’t count or people won’t think what we’ve got to say will be good enough. Every time you think you want to ask something or you have an idea and are unsure as to whether you should, write it down in front of you, then look at it and ask yourself would it be good if someone else asked it

11. Find freedom


We go through life with a long list of things we ought to, should do, need to, must do or have to do. It is exhausting, but have you ever asked yourself where this list came from?. Take the ones you don’t want anymore and then bin, burn or throw them away.


12. Let go of the past

Past, let it go

Many of us have memories of times when we feel things didn’t go the way that we wanted them to, or we feel bad or uncomfortable about them looking back. Then go back into the memory and change everything to its opposite. ‘If the memory was colour change it so it’s black and white. Once you have made everything opposite to what it was, go back into the memory and notice how you feel different about it now.


13. Improve relationships

Unlock women heart-Relationships

Sometimes we wish that we could just get on with someone better, be it a boss or a friend, but we just don’t know how to make it better. Notice what has changed about how you feel about the person you had a problem with.


14. Feel happy

Feel Happy

When you need a little smiley lift in your day, remember the funniest thing that ever happened to you or that you ever saw. Replay each moment and fully enjoy the experience.


15. Inject energy

Feel happy

Create your own personal energy blast without the need for vitamins. Firstly, decide what emotional ingredients you would like in your energy blast, for example you could have power, excitement, happiness, strength – anything you like!.


16. Create clarity

Unlock women heart-Clarity

When you need to ensure what you say is not misunderstood make sure you use one sentence with less than ten words, and then stop. Don’t justify yourself. Don’t explain. Less is more. Be tough on yourself with your content.

17. Wage war against worry

War Against Worry

We all have worries day to day about things that we’re not looking forward to, be it a presentation, an interview, a first day at work or a first date. By imagining you can time travel The Good Witches say you can wage war against worry. Spend several minutes really imagining how it was when you’d completed it successfully, then come back to the present and notice how you feel differently about your event.

18. Boost confidence


When you need a bit of a boost, remember yourself as you were when you were five years old. Now imagine that five-year old acting as though they were king/queen of the playground. Nobody held you back then did they? That’s the thing you envisage and then that’s the energy you tap back in to.’ Go forth your majesty!

19. Solve your problem


Find me a person who doesn’t have a problem, or several problems,’ says Bec. ‘What they all have in common is that as soon as they decide that they have a problem they get themselves stuck and don’t know where to look, when all they need is themselves and a bit of distance.


20. Find power in numbers

Power In Numbers

Sometimes we all want a bit of help, somebody behind us to tell us what to do, to point us in the right direction when we’re unsure. Imagine if you could create a personal board or a team of advisers just for you, who would be on your side no matter what. Who would you choose, if it could be anyone living or dead? Select those people that you think would help you best.

21. Make a difference

Make a difference

Feeling low and lacking energy? ‘Then you need to shake it up and have a day of difference.


22. Find your voice

unlocking a woman's heart

When your voice isn’t having the impact you’d like it to and you feel like you aren’t being listened to, lift your chin and say the word ‘right’ as if you are trying to reach the other end of the room.


23. Feel successful


When you really need things to work and go well, envisage the scenario, paying attention to every last detail. Then tell yourself that you can follow that through.

24. Find courage


If you need to feel a little braver ask yourself, if you were an animal, which one would you be? What colour would you be? What would you do if you needed to protect your land and your family?. Now dare to embody the characteristics of that animal in your own unique human self and your courage will simply arrive.


25. Release stress

RUnlock women heart-elease Stress,unlocking a woman's heart

When stress levels hit dizzying heights, The Good Witches advise finding somewhere to sit in peace for a few minutes. Breathe slowly and easily into your stomach. Roll your shoulders back and down then envisage a sunny day and gently open your eyes.