Is Coffee Helpful For Weight Loss- An Analysis

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April 14th, 2020   |   Updated on February 17th, 2023

In modern times staying slim involves a complete rehaul of the food we eat and exercise regime we follow.

You start dropping carbs from your diet and fruits and vegetables are your new friends.

However, one thing that is never dropped is your cup of coffee.

Most diets suggest that you do not stop your coffee drinking even if you have lots of pounds to lose.

There have been rumors of coffee assisting in weight loss and here we discuss with you whether the same is true.

Coffee’s Impact On Weight loss

So far there is no clear implication of whether black coffee drinking assists in weight loss.

There have been studies implying the same but in others, a negative effect has also been emphasized.

This means that you can continue drinking your daily cuppa without any fears. However, do not base your entire weight loss plan on the same.

You may drink your daily dose but do not expect it to work wonders if you increase the same inappropriately.

Researchers of Nottingham university say that coffee can stimulate our brown fat reserves which are responsible for the calories our body burns.

Research That Suggests Coffee Helps In Weight Loss

  • A 2019 study published in Scientific reports says that coffee may help burn the brown adipose tissue in your body. They also proved that drinking a cup of coffee every day may actually increase the metabolic rate of your body such that it impacts the brown adipose tissue leading to calorie burning.
  • Another 2020 research conducted by the Harvard public health researchers says that people who drink at least 4 cups of coffee per day can see a decrease in their body fat by almost 4 %. The researchers presumed that drinking coffee increased the metabolism of a person and hence led to better weight loss.
  • In 2020 a research was conducted on rats and it was published in the Journal of functional foods. As per the finding, caffeinated mate tea extract reduced the incidence of weight gain in them. The same results could not be seen with decaffeinated extract implying that caffeine was responsible for the same.

Research That Suggests Coffee Hampers The Weight Loss

  • However, on the flip side, a 2017 study published in the Journal of food science showed drinking coffee could increase the cravings for sugar. That means once you have had your daily cup you could most likely make bad choices of food the whole day.
  • Another 2013 study showed that drinking coffee six hours prior to bedtime could reduce your chances of catching a wink of sleep. Not only does that make you feel sleepy but lethargy causes you to gain weight.

What Is The Coffee Diet?

Weight Loss Coffee

The Coffee diet was a concept that was first explained by Bob Arnot, an MD internist who explained why he felt that coffee is the new health food.

He recommends that users should drink at least three cups of coffee every day.

Doing that provides benefits like high energy, mood upliftment, weight loss, and faster metabolism.

Maybe he is correct but there is little to prove that weight loss is seen.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that the effects would remain for a longer period of time.

Also since there is no mention of the maximum limit to drinking coffee there is always a chance to exceed the limit leading to damaging impact.

Coffee Supplements


People talk about the green bean extract to keep their pounds under control.

Many people even call it the miracle drug for reducing weight but there is no validation to that. You must not forget that each part of the same does have caffeine in it.

So, if you are not actually careful, you might actually increase your caffeine content.

At best you should see the reviews of such coffee supplements and ask your health practitioner to know whether it can be trusted.

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Decaf Coffee

Ground Whole-Coffee Bean

It is also possible that you may wish to replace the regular coffee with its decaf version to make up.

However, the caffeine content is always present in that too and if you have been asked to stay away from coffee, this one is also not worth it.

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That plain coffee impacts your weight loss is still in the beginning stages.

Until you are otherwise not a regular drinker you may not add it to the diet plan with the impression that it would help you lose weight.

In a study of 9 people, coffee has shown some positive signs but there is no conclusive proof that caffeine is the ingredient responsible for the same.

Until there are results no point taking any positive step in that direction.

Coffee Lead to Weight Loss

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