What Is Coronavirus? Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

What Is Coronavirus

January 30th, 2020   |   Updated on April 23rd, 2021

Coronavirus which has emerged from China has injected large number of people. The virus has emerged in Wuhan China, in December. It was Scientist Leo Poon who detected that the virus has been found in animals and later it spread to humans.

The only thing which we known about this virus is that it is responsible for pneumonia and doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment.

People are not aware that how many lives can coronavirus take. Presently, it has taken less lives than MERS and SARS. But experts have pointed out that outbreak will emerge quite soon.

WHO is providing advisories that how should the countries prepare and respond to this emergency. So, let’s find out what should you know about this deadly virus.

1. What Is Coronavirus?

Know All About Coronavirus

Coronaviruses is one of the large viruses which is seen among animals. Scientists have termed them as zoonotic. They can transfer from animals to humans, as per US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus

This virus can actually make people sick. Some major respiration issues can also occur like – common cold, runny nose, cough, sore throat. Even headache or fever can also occur which can last some days.

People like senior aged people or children who have lower immunity can have serious effects on this disease. Even pneumonia or bronchitis can also occur. Some of the human coronaviruses can be quite dangerous.

Middle East respiratory syndrome, which is also called as MERS virus, first originated in Middle East in 2012 and this has led to several respiratory problems, but actually the symptoms of the same were much more dangerous. As per CDC, MERS had a mortality rate of 30-40%. Some acute respiratory syndrome, called SARS, has much more serious symptoms.

As per WHO various respiratory problems like diarrhea, fatigue, shortness of breath, respiratory distress and kidney failure are also observed in this. Older people are more vulnerable to this disease and the mortality rate can be anywhere near to 0-50%. Presently, coronavirus is actually lighter than both SARS and MERS. It takes quite long to show it’s symptoms.

Patients have initially experienced light cough which lasts roughly one week which is closely followed by breathe shortness which makes the patient to visit the hospital. Only 15% to 20% of cases are found to be serious and which requires hospital ventilation.

How Does It Spreads

Viruses can spread through a human contact with the animals. As per WHO, scientists are of a view that MERS firstly was seen in camels. SARS was seen in civet cats. But experts are still figuring out that what has led to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

But when the virus spreads from human to human then of course cough droplets are the concern. Virus also spreads through touching or coming in close contact with the person. caregivers are also sometimes infected with this virus.

Human-to-human transmission has been seen in case of coronavirus. But experts are now still figuring who is more vulnerable here and how is the transmission in the hospital happening. SARS and MERS also spread largely inside the hospitals only.

Who Is The Most Affected?

Most of viruses spread mostly among the old age people. Any cases of children being infected with coronavirus are yet not reported. Most of the people being affected with coronavirus are above 40 only.

Treatment Of Coronavirus

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Research is being done is this regard. Most of the types symptoms go away on their own but if it worsens then the doctor should be visited immediately.

Doctor will prescribe some medicines and with humidifier or hot shower it can be treated. Also, lot of sleep and hot fluids and rest can also help.

Is Wuhan Coronavirus Cause Of Worry?

Right now, the mortality rate of coronavirus is less than SARS and MERS. But it is estimated that the virus will spread much faster very soon.

How To Prevent Wuhan Coronavirus?

There is no vaccine presently. But it might take months to a year to actually the vaccine to come into place. You can reduce the risk by constantly washing your hand and staying as far as possible from the infected person.

Awareness is the major part. If you feel that you might be infected with the coronavirus, then take proper steps and reduce the spread of the disease and get yourself treated as well. So, in case you are travelling to China take proper steps to prevent the spread of this coronavirus.

Coronavirus In Pregnancy

MERS and SARS are found to be quite severe in pregnant women. Women infected with SARS were seen with spontaneous abortion, maternal death and critical maternal illness.

Coronavirus Among Animals – Cats, Dogs, And Other Animals

visiting animal cafe on valentine day

Pets can also be infected with coronaviruses and the results can be severe. Severe infection can also lead to disease. Cats can be infected with SARS, but as per a study, the symptoms haven’t developed in them. Even mild diarrhea can also cause a similar issue.

Flu-like symptoms in cat can cause organ failure, but it does not spread and the spread can be seen in the only animal to animal or person to person. Pantropic canine coronavirus infects cats and dogs and can be dangerous for dogs, as per a study. But it seems that dogs and cats cannot infect humans as such

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