What Is The Meaning Of EOD? How To Use Them

EOD Meaning

Published on March 12th, 2020

Often while handling projects or completing tasks you are asked to give your work ‘EOD.’ An easy short form otherwise many people are yet to understand what exactly it means.

This, in reality, is a business acronym that is used to make communication between two individuals very concise and crisp.

However, for the workers who are unaware of such quick terminologies, it can be confusing and here we tell you EOD meaning.

EOD is actually “end of the day.” When you are setting a deadline for a task you mention the end of the day as when the other person is supposed to submit the work.

For example, if your office hours end at 05:00 pm your EOD would be the same time. Here if you are thinking what does pm stand for then it would mean the evening or afternoon time of the day.

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However, if no time deadline is offered then it is assumed that the EOD is relative to the sender’s time zone.

So if you are in a zone where it is night and you have got an email asking you to submit your work by 06 am and you are thinking what does am stand for then probably that is the EOD for the client which is in a different time zone than you.

Though using EOD is an easy way to coordinate with the design quotes or any other team it is difficult to follow in case you have a deadline to meet.

In such a situation you should remove all the technical terms and ask the other person to hand over the work as soon as they can.

Such terms if used would lend clarity to your conversations and it is best to have an idea of them before you use them.