Top 10 Best Wrist Straps For GoPro In 2019

Pieviev GoPro Wrist Strap Mount Strip Belt with Screw for GoPro

Published on March 19th, 2019

Your GoPro camera is a worthwhile purchase that you have just made. What adds up to its beauty is that it can be easily sported on your wrist for the ultimate photo shooting experience.

Apart from that, there is not just one wrist strap that you have to endure all the while. There are a plethora of Best Wrist Straps for GoPro that are available online and for you, we have shortlisted just 12 of them.

These snazzy pieces are good to keep your Go Pro close to you and yet add to the style quotient of it all. The straps can be changed as and when required and you can choose more than one for the best look.

On top of it, these are all moderately priced so you do not feel as if you have had to spend way too much for them.

1. Pieviev GoPro Wrist Strap Mount Strip Belt with Screw for GoPro

Pieviev GoPro Wrist Strap Mount Strip Belt with Screw for GoPro

It allows for hands-free recording with your action camera. Perfect for your outdoor exercises, such as biking, skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, mountain biking, skiing, motocross, paddle sports, cliff diving and outdoor adventures .

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Review: Lana Del Mar – Electronics & Lifestyle Influencer!

I got this so I could wear my camera on my wrist while I walk at night in case I needed to film anything. To my surprise it came with additional straps I could use on my arms and wrist. If you combine them enough you could create a strap that can go over your shoulder – which I did.

I wear it while on very long walks and despite me getting very sweaty and slick they never fall off. The material is a fuzzy synthetic, but it doesnt seem to leave behind any weird fuzz or anything on your skin. For the price these are a pretty great deal.


2. Wrist Strap Band Style GoPro Action Camera Mount w/ 2-Point Neoprene Strap

The wrist strap takes your videos to another level. The strap secures your camera against your wrist like a watch or gives you the option to pivot the camera up and down to shoot video and photo. This unique wrist design ensures full use of your hands while surfing, snowboarding, climbing, driving and more!

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Review: Adam Smith

Bought this for use with my Ion Air Pro camera. The good the head strap is sturdy, fits snug and is fairly comfortable considering. The insides of the strap had was looked to a silicon anti slip wavy lines, I can’t say there were needed but the head strap never fell off. I had to use the tripod mount for my Ion Camera and then wear the strap to the side to film which was fine.


3. SmilePowo 360 Degree Rotatable ARM Wrist Strap

SmilePowo 360 Degree Rotatable ARM Wrist Strap
Introducing SMILEPOWO 360 Gopro wrist straps Mount.

  • Made of nylon material, very comfortable
  • One of the most adaptable mounts yet Use the wrist mount  for gopro and Other sports camera
  • for countless different angles, strap this mount to your arm / wrist
  • At the same time use the 360° Swivel Mount to adjust to new camera angles
  • Using this Gopro wrist band with the 360 Degree rotation
  • mount you can adjust numerous camera angles without unmounting your camera

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Review: Jonathan M Acker

I’ve tried various means and devices for using a GoPro while snorkeling or scuba diving. This is by far my favorite. “Selfie sticks” or various hand-held devices ended up with too much motion, making the video hard to watch. This device allows the diver to remain in a natural, relaxed position, and the video quality reflects that.


4. CamKix 2in1 Floating Wrist Strap & Headstrap Floater

CamKix 2in1 Floating Wrist Strap & Headstrap Floater

CamKix Hand Grip, Dual Mount, Tripod Adapter and Universal Phone Holder This kit can be used in various ways. Check the product pictures for a few examples or continue reading. The Dual Mount can be used to record video with 2 different camera angles simultaneously.

Ideal for action sports videos, music/sports fan reportages, interviews, instruction videos, travel videos, etc. If your GoPro Hero 4 camera does not have an LCD screen to monitor what you are recording, why not use your iPhone or Android phone? Just download the GoPro app and use it as a Live Viewfinder and to control your GoPro Hero 4.

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Review: Keleka

Floater fits perfectly on head strap and installs very easily. With the camera attached everything floats extremely well and is very visible. The inside of the head strap has a grip texture that holds to the head quite firmly. When attached directly to your head you can tell that it will hold securely.

I also attach the strap to a meshed baseball cap while surfing and paddling and it works great! Have not tried it as a wrist strap but am pretty sure it will work fine. Good product that works perfectly for me!


5. CISNO 360 Degree Rotatable Camera Accessories

 CISNO 360 Degree Rotatable Camera Accessories

  • Mount adapter fasten on high-strength band, the inner layer
  • fabric made with a breathable fabric material that ensures wearing comfort
  • The wrist mount secures your camera flat against your wrist for hands-free convenience
  • Easy to pivot your camera upright to capture video and take photos
  • Adjustable velcro strap, easy to fit your wrist. It is compatible with GoPro Hero 1 2 3 3+ 4 /4 5/6 session.

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Review: Lester Enzo

I purchased this prior to our recent trip to Disneyland. While on rides, I’ve never had much luck holding a GoPro. It’s difficult to hold still or once you think you have a good grip, the video replay includes your thumb. This attachment works flawlessly. I strap it on and grasp the lap bar or front of the car and it stays in place.

6. WoCase 360 Degree Panoramic Swiveling

Includes one 360° swiveling glove/hand mount, 1 thumbscrew. Compatible with all GoPro cameras and great for capturing first-person POV footage and selfie from your hand. Perfect for diving, surfing, skiing, mountain and many other active sports. Fully adjustable to fit all hand sizes. Designed for both hands. Optimized to use in glove-wearing condition. With 360¡ã swiveling mount on, you can adjust your camera to any angles. 30 day hassle free money back guarantee. One year limited warranty.

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Review: April Hayes

I purchased this accessory for my GoPro hero (the original go pro). The camera fits on just fine. Based on the description I was a bit unsure if I was going to get the whole item? I was worried I would only get the swivel attachment. It came as one complete item. A Velcro glove with the attachment on top. This device is easy to wear on either hand and leaves you able to use both hands if need be.


7. VVHOOY 360 Degree Rotation Glove Style Band Wrist Strap Mount Strip

VVHOOY 360 Degree Rotation Glove Style Band Wrist Strap Mount Strip
Welcome to VVHOOY Store, We very appreciate you choose our store, hope you have a good shopping experience here, If you have any question about the product, pls feel free to contact us, it’s our pleasure to deal with your problem.

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Review: Charles M. Buono Jr.

I like the concept of this product and it seems to be relatively well made and thought out. However for me it was not a fit. If you are thinking about buying this product, measure around your hand across the knuckles and your palm as shown in the product illustration. If that number is over 8, it probably will not fit.


8. Gopro Wrist Strap Mount, Arm Wrist Strap Hand Diving Mount

Wrist strap mount for GoPro Hero cameras. You can wear this strap while surfing and bicycling,frees your hands for other activities, Use both of hands when not recording and this make the wrist mount strap perfect for cycling, surfing, snorkeling, climbing and skiing, etc.

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Review: Claire Benningstone

really great and easy to use! I have bent the legs in a lot of ways and i have not had any issues with breaking or anything. there are parts that come with this that i have no idea what it is for but other than that it is great. very easy to use- even for people who are technologically challenged


9. Glove Style Hand Mount Strap Wrist

 Glove Style Hand Mount Strap Wrist
Item: Brand New Soft Hand Mount Glove for All GoPro Hero Models Color: Black Materials: Nylon and Velcro Strap, Durable Plastic Mount with Stainless Steel Bolts This Package Includes: 1 Soft Hand Mount Glove with Velcro Strap 1 GoPro Hero Adapter Bolt Uses: Great for use with all GoPro Hero Models while Hiking, Skydiving, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Enjoy!

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Review: Phyllis Mathis

I found this product to be very high quality at a great price. It’s lightweight and supports my GoPro well for steady shots. I’m using it for biking, where it fits comfortably as a replacement glove on my right hand. When I want to film something on the side of the trail or road, I can just move my arm and get great shots. I could see this glove being perfect for underwater use as well (scuba diving, snorkelling, etc.).


10. GoPro The Strap

GoPro The Strap
Strap your GoPro to your hand, wrist, arm or leg to capture hands-free ultra immersive POV footage, one-of-a-kind selfies and more. Includes an extended strap that fits around your arm, leg or larger objects. Features 360 Degree rotation and tilt that let you adjust your capture angle on the fly.

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Review: Casey Jones

I had previously purchased a cheap, knockoff brand version of these and it broke off in the water. This one, officially made by GoPro, is much more secure and better built. I will never buy a non-GoPro brand mount again. I love how I can use it on my wrist or around my Bicep during surfing. Being able to swivel the camera 360 degrees is a huge feature and makes things so much easier than fixed mounts. I highly recommend for surfing and skiing.