11 Tender Gifts To Surprise Your Girlfriends

Tender Gifts For Girlfriends

September 7th, 2015   |   Updated on February 20th, 2024

True, you love your girlfriend from the bottom of your heart.  But expressing it from time to time can keep the magic alive in your relationship. And, most interestingly, it will make her feel special, truly special.

One of the best ways to win over your girl is to keep surprising her with something she’ll love.

A tenderly chosen gift is a sure-shot way to win her heart. The moment you see those widened eyes full of joy, you know she is going to adore you in the craziest of gushy manners.

Explore these gift items with which you can surprise your woman and make her feel special.

1. Garter Pocket

Dress elegantly without worrying about where you’re going to stash your things using this ingenious garter pocket.

Lined with a classy lace exterior, the inside of the band features several pockets you can use to stash everything from your phone to makeup, to cash.

Garter Pocket

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2. Nordgreen’s Infinity Watch

Nordgreen’s Infinity watch is a perfectly balanced designer gift for your girlfriend. Created by the famous Nordic designer behind Bang & Olufson, the clean dial, invisible minute marks and rounded lugs define the watches classic intentions.

With its inter-changeable straps allowing you to match the watch to any style and making it suitable for any occasion, the Infinty is a perfectly timeless timepiece from the Scandinavian watch brand.

Infinity - BUNDLE Rose Gold

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3. Full Body Pillow

Cry yourself to sleep in loving embrace of the full body pillow. It provides your tired back and legs with the physical support you need while providing your shattered heart with the emotional support it craves until Mr. Right comes along.

Full Body Pillow

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4. High Heel Protectors

Wave goodbye to broken heels by placing the high heel protectors on your designer stilettos before heading out. These discreet and reusable heel protectors fit easily over the heel of the stiletto to ensure they remain structurally intact while strutting around town.

High Heel Protectors

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5. Hypnotizing Light Up Bra

Accelerate your quest to find Mr. Right by showing up to the local watering hole wearing the hypnotizing light up bra. This jaw-dropping garment provides a comfortable fit while providing everyone else with an eye-catching view of your mammary studded light show.

Hypnotizing Light Up Bra

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6. Bean Bag Pool Float

Relax by the pool like never before with these giant bean bag pool floats. These enormous floating chairs are similar to the bean bags you had as a kid, but the inside is filled thousands of special buoyant beads and the exterior fabric is mold, stain, and sun damage resistant.

Bean Bag Pool Float

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7. Face Down Lounger

Lay face down comfortably and read with the Ergo Lounger, the face-down sun lounger that folds up and is ready to go anywhere. Perfect for pools and beaches, this face down lounger brilliantly solves a common problem for people who love to read while tanning.

Face Down Lounger

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8. Sun Umbrella Chair

Don’t let a hot day stop you from hanging out by the pool, the beach, tailgate, etc. – this sun umbrella chair will keep you comfortable and safe from the sun. The umbrella can be swiveled 360 degrees to easily adjust to the sun’s movement and wind direction shifts.

Sun Umbrella Chair

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9. Cake Pops Maker

Love making cake pops but want to stream line the process of clogging those pesky arteries? Now you can make up to seven cake pops at a time easily thanks to this Cake Pop / Donut Hole maker. This cake pops maker comes with a non-stick coating for easy clean up as well.

Cake Pops Maker

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10. Floating Coffee Mug

Keep your tables clean without needing a drink coaster with these floating coffee mugs. Using a clever support system, the coffee mug floats in the air, keeping your table top safe from hot coffee leaving behind a mark – and its unique shape is surprisingly durable too.

Floating Coffee Mug

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11. Hair Coloring Chalk

Switch through hair colors faster than you change outfits with the hair coloring chalk. This unique chalk comes in every color under the sun and allows you to temporarily dye your hair with the same ease as coloring a piece of paper. The chalk works great for pranks too.

Hair Coloring Chalk

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