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13 Facts That You Learn About Sex After Losing Your Virginity

Hispanic man kissing girlfriend's shoulder

May 5th, 2016   |   Updated on August 26th, 2020

No matter how old you are when you lose your virginity, it’s always, um, interesting, to say the least.

When to lose your virginity, it may seem that such decisions are mostly driven by social factors,but scientists say that such sexual milestones are also influenced by your genes.

People love talking about virginity almost as much as they love talking about sex.

Sometimes it’s hard to work out what’s true, or what information you need to make a decision about becoming sexually active for the first time.

It’s normal to feel excited when thinking about losing your virginity.

Just remember that there’s no right or wrong time to become sexually active—it varies for each person. It might take time to decide what’s right for you.

Let’s delve into 13 facts that you actually learn after losing your virginity.

1. Real Sex Is Nothing Like Porn

Nothing Like Porn

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This video will clear up common sexy-time misconceptions.

2. It Hurts Doing It First Time

It Hurts

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Don’t expect fireworks your first time. Experiencing pain the first time you have sex is quite common, and there are a variety of reasons why this may have happened in your case.

3. Communication Is Key

Communication Is_key

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Ask your partner what they like and what they don’t like. Let them guide you, and don’t be afraid to guide them. It’s supposed to be fun, after all.

4. You Suddenly Remember All the Risks

Suddenly Remember All the Risks

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After you’ve had sex, you’re on cloud nine, but there are some realities that could come crashing down on you. Pregnancies, STDs, etc.

5. It Will Get Better

Get Better

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Don’t expect it to be perfect. It won’t be. And it probably won’t be super great the next couple of times. Few people are naturals at sex and you will need some practice.

6. Take Your Time With Foreplay

Hispanic man kissing girlfriend's shoulder

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Foreplay for a good amount (say 15-20 minutes) is just enough time to make sure both partners are ready.

7. You Won’t Always Cry Afterward

Cry Afterward

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Your first time is a roller coaster of emotions, and crying is a healthy way to let them out. That’s not to say that it becomes less emotional the more you do it.

8. Orgasming Together Is Not Impossible

Cry Afterward

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A simultaneous orgasm is one of the most intimate and exciting things a couple can share during sex, yet like so many good things, it doesn’t come easy.

9. It Gets Less Awkward

Less Awkward

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Your first time was awkward. Don’t worry; you’ll find yourself incredibly more comfortable the second time around.

10. There Are Plenty of Options for Protection

Types of Contraception

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Most people know of condoms and birth-control pills, but there are a myriad amount of contraceptives available to you.

11. Your Legs Can Cramp Up


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Sex is a workout, so treat it as such. Do some light pre-sex yoga and stretching to prevent any painful leg cramps.

12. You Know Your Body Better Than Your Partner Does


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Just remember that you’re both new to each other and it’s going to take some time to learn how your motors run.

13. Virginity Is Meaningless

Nobody cares whether you’re a virgin or not, and after you’ve had sex, you’ll realize that it wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as you made it out to be in your mind.

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