9 Dating Tips On How To Make Your Romance Bloom

Updated on September 13th, 2016

The dating scene these days can be a nightmare, so why make it harder by not knowing your stuff? If done right, it can be amazing, and those great dates often lead to great relationships. We’ve gathered some dating tips, with all the information you need to survive your date, that will transform your love live.


1. Your friend talks about someone whom you can hitch. Who knows you could be marrying that person!

1. If your friend says they have a great guy or

2. Keep smiling, you look great whenever you smile!

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3. It’s all fun and frolics in the bar. Love???



4. You have just one hour. Either impress her or forget about her

4. On average, men have around one hour to make their first impression on a woman

Make those minutes count, gentlemen.


5. 15 minutes and I will understand how she is

5. On the flip side though, it only takes 15 minutes for a man to form his impression of a woman


6. Do you know that almost half of American population are still single?


We cannot confirm ready or not that same percentage is ready to mingle, though.


7. Online dating services is a massive hit. A favorite pastime of a huge population worldwide

7. There are somewhere around the tune of 40 million Americans using online dating services

Which means a lot of diamonds…but also a LOT of rough. Browse wisely.


8. Man, you are stinking rich! You have a great chance to enter into a relationship!

9. An incredible

9. Money, money, money…the root cause of all quarrels between couples

10. Money also happens to be the leading cause of arguments amongst couples

Get your paper right, boo boo, or enjoy the single life.

A  meaningful relationship is much too important to leave in the hands of wishful thinking.  Keep your romance flourishing.

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