3 Best Tablecloth Alternatives For A Wedding Reception

Published on May 8th, 2019

Creating a stellar wedding table decor needs a creative vision and the right ingredients. There are times when you might have to settle in for the best tablecloth alternatives. If that’s your situation, it is not at all boring. You can have fun experimenting with affordable choices, add style and class to your wedding table decor.

Many find linen table clothes fancy! It can add spark to the entire wedding dining experience. However, the fabric can be costly. Are you searching for a cost-effective option? If yes, today the market has several choices available.

You simply have to make a smart choice and add-in your creativity to make the most of it. You can take your wedding planners advice as well.

The Three Popular Linen Table Cloth Alternatives Are As Follows:



1. Count On The Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is a smart and affordable choice! You might be having one at your house. Else, sourcing it from the local market or the online stores is easy.

Browse through the online portals and select from the various fitted sheet sizes, colors, and designs. It makes a great alternative as you can use it for wedding and other important occasions as well.

However, as compared to a tablecloth, fitted sheets don’t move when there’s a brisk flow of breeze or wind. Just in case a guest spills a drink or soup on the sheet, you can clean it easily. It is one of the popular tablecloth alternatives for many wedding couples.


2. Use The Table Runner

Every wedding couple has a distinct way of decorating the wedding table! Some don’t wish to hide the table completely using a tablecloth. Do you resonate with this?

If yes, you can say yes to a table runner, and it can be a beautiful alternative. If yours is a barn or garden wedding, this table decor will add to the overall wedding theme.

It secures your wedding table from any damages that the hot dishes might cause. You get to select and shop for table runners at the most merchant and online stores. It isn’t priced steep.


3. You Can Count On Lace

Lace acts as a pretty tablecloth substitute! You can use it outside or inside the wedding reception. When you decide to use lace at a wedding reception, you give your wedding ceremony a beautiful and formal look.

A wedding reception will have arrangements for dinner, beverages, and chocolates. So, you can use lace on your wedding dining tables, the side tables and the coffee and other beverage tables.

It can make the wedding table decor look vibrant and welcoming! Lace is thin so you can customize it to your preferred size, length, and shape. The fall is delicate and classy. It’s easy to wash and replace if there’s an emergency.

Also, lace is easy on your pockets. That means the per table billing will add to your savings.

Few other interesting alternatives also include gift wraps, curtains, shower curtains and many more. If you want to set of quirky and contemporary wedding table decor, you can use the tablecloth alternatives discussed above and apply your creativity to add the required spark to a wedding table arrangement.