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Best CRM For Gmail In 2019


April 20th, 2019   |   Updated on April 22nd, 2019

Have you ever dreamt about CRM system easily-integrable within your email account, simple & multifunctional, able to preserve the impressive amount of the most indispensable resource – your time? Then search no more – you have come to the right place.


What Does Gmail CRM Mean?


Gmail-integrable CRM systems bring benefits for customers because of a number of reasons. Here are what it gives – the quality of work with clients improves gradually, the human factor influencing the final results for worse becomes a few times less, and the management process becomes convenient as all communication data are stored and processed in one place.

Gmail CRM provides detailed analytics for company management in addition to the precise data evaluation for further improvement of company’s business strategy, strengthening of the client-oriented approach and implementing client’s own wishes regarding possible plans of company improvement.

Gmail-based CRM systems like NetHunt allows users to record and store customer databases. Furthermore, these systems allow analyzing their actions, behavior, searches, preferences, and the services or products relevance for their needs.

According to these parameters, CRM user can prepare both individual and group proposals that potentially capable to increase the successful transaction likelihood.

The multifunctional CRM system used inside the company becomes a powerful engine moving the Email marketing mechanism.

Sending multiple letters to a targeted group of people related according to their preferances makes business schemed and systemizes informational flows as well as makes workflow easier to bу tracked at every stage.

With the help of convenient statistics, businessperson receives the apparent results showing clearly which of the business strategies tried works better under which conditions and under which circumstances.


Why Businessmen Prefer NetHunt CRM

Google Gmail’s - Email

NetHunt CRM provides its users significant flexibility through convenient combinations of menus, automated and semi-automated correspondence with customers inside one of the most popular and widely used around the world email systems Gmail.

The communication with clients after the integration of this CRM system becomes mere pleasure in management terms as all the important information would be lying upon you in the most clear and approachable manner.

As in may other CRM systems, NetHunt possesses the functionality of bulk email campaigns which can anytime be personalized according to the company-user’s needs and business strategy.

It allows reaching out thousands of customers almost with a snap of company manager’s fingers, eliminates the need to preserve all the customer’s information in Excel sheets and irrelevant databases.


Automatic Customer Mailing


This method of mailing with clients is actively implemented in modern business nowadays. Mailings can be carried out for all the clients available in database or solely for the specific category of customers. Here are what mailing allows in general:

  • Notify customers about seasonal discounts, promotions, sales and others.
  • Notify about brand new products and services.
  • Congratulate customers on calendar holidays and on anniversaries of their dealing with the company.
  • Advertise new services and goods collections.
  • Remind about all the newcomings the customer would possible wanted to buy from you.

NetHunt CRm offers its customers the free 14-days trial version of their product for two users to connect. However, for those who fancied this CRM and needs more powerful tool NetHunt offers the Professional version of the software for $24 peruser for one month of work.

For such prize users will get fully customizable software really helping to boost sales and use Gmail conveniently.

Moreover, the Enterprise version of the software costing $48 per every user for a month of work will provide the widest technical functionality possible inside the NetHunt CRM itself and within all the CRM systems existing in total.

Make the right choice to organize your business and find the most ergonomic business strategy with our well-choreographed software now.