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How To Edit Photos For Instagram And Apply A Unique Style

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Published on March 15th, 2019

Even though you use best mirrorless camera, editing photos for Instagram can be a difficult task if you really want to stand out, be creative and show visual coherence in all your photographs. Surely in more than one occasion you will have found Instagram profiles that, in addition to having very original photos, have a style that generates continuity effect in the photos. Would you like to know how you have managed to create your own style? Well, keep reading!

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Although the answer may sound simple, it may require knowledge of photography and editing. The presets, or presets, are adjustments of values ​​that you can save to later use in a set of photos to generate similarity between them. This functionality is common in software or photo editing applications (For example: Skylum) but they do not always look good or create a feeling of excessive similarity between photos, so after being applied to photographs, it is normal for users do some additional retouching.

In this article you will learn how to edit your Instagram photos to create a continuity effect quickly and effectively without having to resort to a professional tool. But of course if you want amazing results, you need the best photo editing software.

How To Edit Photos For Instagram In Order To Maintain Visual Coherence?

Best Photo Editing Apps For Instagram

Editing your photos through the official application is quite simple. You just have to access the Instagram application and take a picture or upload it from your phone’s photo reel. However, if your purpose is to create a unique effect in your photo feed, then it is important that you follow the following steps:


1. Use A Test Account

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If you are going to try different filters to define which one is best suited to you, the ideal is to apply the filter to several photos and share them in the Instagram before uploading them to your real account so you can check if you like how it will look before sharing them.


2. Select The Test Photos

Instagram Marketing Tips

Choose several photos that you would share in your Instagram profile where there are different light conditions, exposure and objects to be able to apply the settings and make sure that the filter adapts to all the conditions.


3. Apply The Filters


Open the Instagram application and apply the filter to one of the photos. You can select one of the existing filters or go to the “edit” button.

If you only use one of the existing filters, and do not make an edit later, you are exposed to the risk that your photos also have similarity with other Instagram users. To edit your Instagram photos after applying the filter, go to the “edit” window and adjust the different values ​​to create the desired effect. Record the values ​​in a note or your phone so that you can then apply them to the following photos.

Remember that the settings will not work well in all the photos, so you may have to change the values ​​a little or edit even values ​​that in other photographs you had not touched in order that there is similarity between them.

To create a brand with visual coherence on Instagram you can’t settle for the filters, you must learn to modify other parameters such as brightness and color.