10 Best Photo Editor Apps For iOS And Android In 2018

Photo Editor Apps

May 31st, 2018   |   Updated on February 18th, 2019

You can easily find so many best photo editing app over internet and all of them possess unique features. Some of these best photo editor apps are powerful enough to have advanced photo editing features that are available on only few desktop photo software, like Photoshop, fotophire.

But selection for right platform goes little difficult. Here we are going to discuss about basic criteria that must be followed during selection of best photo editing apps. Users are advised to focus on these four factors for making right decisions:


VSCO the best photo editing app among professional photographers due to its stylish editing abilities and advanced effects that users can access with in app purchases. The quick editing tools include white balance, shadows, highlights and exposure etc.

Download ( Android Version | iPhone Version )

2. Adobe Lightroom

This editor can easily work on iOS as well as Android platform and is available for free. It is well known as advanced mobile editing tool that offers all unique features like exposure, colour, white balance, colour, gradient, clarity settings.

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3. Enlight

If you want more controls on geometric adjustments, localised image editing needs and masking features then Enlight is good for you. As the best photo editing app, it possesses wide range of preset styles, light leaks, textures, frames, borders and collage layouts.

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4. Photoshop Express

Adobe is well popular among top photo editing app due to its classic interface and advanced editing tools. There are so many basic correction tools along with special border effects, localized adjustments, photoshop touch ability and excellent styles.

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5. FilterStorm Neue

This attractive editing app allows users to make advanced settings for all editing tasks. Some of the best and most interactive features include adjustments over curves, tone and levels along with channel mixers. You will be able to apply sharpening, watermarking, noise reduction and clarity effects on this tool.

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6. Google Snapseed

If you want to have the best photo editing software on Android, this one possesses usually array of editing tools that can assist in brightness, colour, contrast adjustments and follow various geometric correction features. The collection of advanced filters allows easy editing for glamour glow, lens blur, grunge, HDR scape, Noir and frames.

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7. Photomate R3

Although this is a costly option but professionals will definitely love to work on Photomate R3. This tool can easily process JPEG images as well as raw data and for advanced controls you can access localised color corrector, lens corrector, blur adjustments, sharpening and many more.

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8. Prisma

Actually, Prisma was not designed for photo editing purpose but users are enjoying its features impressively for developing customized images. Here you can access range of graphic artworks, stylish filters and clever algorithms that can execute every job amazingly.

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9. Pixlr

You can easily use wide variety of overlays, blemish removal tools and cosmetic adjustments.

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10. Facetune

This application is designed for iPhone as well as android users and with its interactive editing features it has gained so much popularity over Instagram, Flickr and many more.

The interface possesses so many buttons for one touch access to features like smoothing, whiten, canvas, reshape, details enhancement etc.

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