10 Best Free Calls Apps For Android: Stay Connected For Free

Best Free Calls Apps For Android

Published on October 10th, 2023

In today’s digital era, the ease of staying connected with loved ones and colleagues has reached unprecedented levels, all thanks to the abundance of free calling apps at our disposal.

These ingenious applications have transformed the way we communicate, shattering the constraints of distance and expense that once accompanied making phone calls.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective alternative to conventional phone services or simply aiming to streamline your communication, free calling apps have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the realm of free calling apps, highlighting the finest options available and illustrating how they can elevate your communication experience to new heights.

Best Free Calls Apps For Android

1. Dingtone

Dingtone is among the numerous free calling apps available for download on Google Play.

What sets Dingtone apart is its ability to provide users with a dedicated phone number that matches their local area code, offering a sense of familiarity and convenience.

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Furthermore, Dingtone boasts the capability to connect calls to phones in more than 200 countries, making it a versatile option for international communication.

When it comes to making calls using Dingtone, you can enjoy unlimited calling over data, provided that the individuals you wish to connect with also use the Dingtone app.

This feature allows users to communicate freely without incurring traditional call charges. Note that Dingtone offers an option to call real phone numbers using a credit system, which may involve in-app purchases.

In other words, while Dingtone provides free calling within its network, there may be costs associated with making calls to non-Dingtone numbers.

These costs can be covered by purchasing credits, and Dingtone often offers opportunities to earn or receive free credits through various promotions and advertisements.

2. Facebook Messenger

While Facebook apps are often criticized for being somewhat lackluster—known for their clunkiness, sluggish performance, and battery drain—they still manage to maintain a massive user base.

In this context, Facebook Messenger emerges as a reasonably viable option. Serving as Facebook’s standalone messaging application, it offers a range of functionalities, including free messaging, free voice calls, and free video chats.

To add to its appeal, the app also incorporates a selection of games for users to enjoy. What sets Facebook Messenger apart is its accessibility—you simply need to be friends with someone on Facebook to connect with them through the app.

In some cases, this requirement can even be bypassed. This convenience factor makes it an attractive choice, as it’s often easier to persuade individuals to use Facebook Messenger than to convince them to adopt an entirely different messaging platform.

3. Google Meet

Google Meet, formerly Google Duo and Google Meet separately, merged in 2022 to become a video call app akin to FaceTime. It facilitates free video calls, functioning smoothly with a decent internet connection.

Notably, it supports video conferences with up to 100 participants and offers document sharing capabilities.

While Google is working to blend it into both consumer and professional use, minor bugs aside, Google Meet is a solid option for video communication.

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4. FreeTone Calls & Texting

FreeTone is a versatile communication app that offers users the convenience of both free calling and texting services.

Upon using the app, individuals are provided with a dedicated phone number that they can utilize to make calls and send text messages.

This number is especially useful for making free calls within the United States and Canada, making it a cost-effective solution for local communication.

Beyond the basics of calling and texting, FreeTone offers a range of additional features to enhance the user experience.

These include group messaging, which enables users to communicate with multiple contacts simultaneously, voicemail for missed calls, call forwarding for added flexibility, and the option to customize ringtone preferences to suit individual tastes.

5. Skype

Skype: Free Calls Apps For Android

Skype stands out as one of the most widely used free calling applications available today. Its standout feature lies in its versatility, as it can be seamlessly utilized on various devices including mobile phones, computers, tablets, and more.

With Skype, users can enjoy a range of communication options, including sending text messages, making voice calls, and conducting video calls, all free of charge, when connecting with others who also use Skype.

For those seeking to call actual phone numbers, Skype offers the convenience of purchasing credits for such calls, providing an appreciated option for versatile communication.

It’s important to note that Skype allows free calls between its members, and it further facilitates group conversations with multiple participants in a single voice call.

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6. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a rising star in the messaging realm, renowned for its robust focus on security.

It stands out as an open-source platform that encrypts all forms of communication it handles, spanning voice calls, text messages, and everything in between.

Users can enjoy free calling and texting, but it’s important to note that both parties must use Signal Private Messenger for full security.

As of now, all features are completely free, making Signal the top choice for those prioritizing both free calls and stringent security measures.

7. Slack

While primarily known as a business-oriented chat service, does offer the capability to make free calls to other users within its platform. It has been gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes.

With Slack, users can create text channels for group discussions, engage in one-on-one messaging, and benefit from seamless integration with a wide array of third-party applications.

This cross-platform service ensures accessibility across various devices, making it convenient for users.

The call quality on Slack may be somewhat compromised when conversing with individuals located on the opposite side of the world, potentially resulting in audio fuzziness.

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Slack offers its services for free to a broad user base, making it a compelling choice for businesses and individuals seeking effective communication and collaboration tools without the need for immediate expense.

8. TextNow

TextNow is a versatile app providing both free texting and free calling services. Upon registration, users receive their dedicated phone number, which they can share with contacts.

Free calls are available within the United States and Canada, but international calls come at a cost, which may not be ideal for users outside these regions.

TextNow’s unique funding model relies on advertising support, and users have the option to remove ads by signing up for a plan.

Currently, it stands out as one of the top choices for making free calls, especially if you reside within the United States.

9. Viber

Originally a basic VoIP service, has evolved into a comprehensive communication platform offering text chats, voice chats, and video chats.

Users can make free calls to others who use Viber, but there’s a nominal fee for calling non-Viber phone numbers, similar to Skype.

Viber boasts a wide range of features, including useful ones like hidden messaging, alongside more whimsical elements like stickers. Crucially, all Viber-to-Viber calls, texts, and video chats remain entirely free.

While users have the option to purchase stickers and customization features via in-app purchases, these additions are entirely optional.

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10. WhatsApp

A widely recognized and longstanding messaging platform, initially began as a text-only service but has since grown to encompass free calling and free video chat capabilities.

Similar to many other communication apps, WhatsApp’s free calling feature is available when connecting with someone who also uses WhatsApp.

Given its immense popularity, convincing others to join WhatsApp should be relatively straightforward. The platform is known for its robustness, efficiency, and reliability, making it a formidable choice for communication.

Furthermore, WhatsApp offers a plethora of additional features that contribute to enhancing the overall user experience, cementing its status as a leading and comprehensive messaging app.

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