What Are The Best Multiplatform Productivity Apps?

Best Multiplatform Productivity Apps

Published on September 21st, 2023

Hey there, Mr. multitasker! In our whirlwind world, staying productive is like a superpower we all wish we had.

Whether you’re the master of your own to-do list, a part of a dynamic team, or just trying to keep all your life’s plates spinning, you know that having the right tools can be a game-changer.

That’s where multiplatform productivity apps swoop in to save the day.

These digital wonders are like the superheroes of the app world, seamlessly jumping from device to device and operating system to operating system, ensuring you’re always in the productivity zone.

So, if you’re on a quest for efficiency and flexibility in your work and life, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we’re about to embark on a journey through the best multiplatform productivity apps out there.

Say goodbye to scattered tasks and hello to a world where productivity knows no bounds! Let’s get started.

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1. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365 is a powerhouse when it comes to productivity apps. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more, accessible across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

The real-time collaboration features make it perfect for teamwork, while the cloud integration ensures your files are always within reach.

2. Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace is a go-to choice for cloud-based productivity. It includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other apps that allow real-time collaboration. Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, it’s an excellent choice for businesses that rely on sharing and editing documents in real-time.

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3. Evernote


Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even as a web app. It helps you organize your thoughts, ideas, and tasks with ease.

The ability to clip web articles, create to-do lists, and sync across devices makes it an invaluable tool for individuals and professionals alike.

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4. Trello


Trello’s visual project management system is a game-changer for those seeking a more organized workflow.

Accessible on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Trello’s boards, lists, and cards help teams collaborate efficiently and keep tasks on track.

5. Slack


Slack is a communication and collaboration platform that works seamlessly across various platforms, including web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

It streamlines communication within teams, integrates with other productivity apps, and provides a central hub for discussions, file sharing, and more.

6. Todoist


Todoist is a task management app available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Its minimalist design and intuitive interface make it easy to create and organize tasks. It also offers collaborative features, making it ideal for both personal and team use.

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7. Asana


Asana is a robust project management tool that works across web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Its versatile features allow you to plan, organize, and track work projects with ease. It’s suitable for teams of all sizes, offering everything from task lists to timelines and dashboards.

8. Notion


Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines note-taking, project management, and knowledge sharing.

It’s accessible on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Notion’s versatility makes it suitable for both personal organization and collaborative work.

9. Dropbox


Dropbox is a cloud storage and file-sharing platform compatible with web browsers, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

It simplifies file sharing and collaboration, allowing you to access your documents and media files from anywhere.

10. Pocket


Pocket is a cross-platform app that helps you save and organize articles, videos, and web content for later viewing.

It’s available on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It’s a handy tool for curating and accessing valuable content whenever you have time.

11. is a versatile task management app compatible with web browsers, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It combines task lists, calendar events, and reminders to help you stay on top of your schedule and priorities.

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12. Zoom


Zoom is a video conferencing and collaboration platform that has become essential for remote work and virtual meetings.

It’s available on various platforms, including web browsers, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Its user-friendly interface and features like screen sharing and recording make it a go-to choice for teams.

13. Calendly


Calendly is a scheduling and appointment booking tool compatible with web browsers, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

It simplifies the process of setting up meetings and appointments, allowing you to share your availability and let others book slots that work for them.



IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an automation platform that connects your favorite apps and services. It’s available on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

With IFTTT, you can create custom workflows (applets) that automate tasks and save you time across different platforms and devices.


In a world where productivity is synonymous with success, having the right multiplatform productivity apps at your disposal can significantly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether you’re managing projects, collaborating with teams, or simply staying organized, these versatile apps provide the tools you need to succeed.

With seamless integration across various devices and operating systems, you can work smarter, not harder.

So, explore these top multiplatform productivity apps, tailor them to your needs, and watch your productivity soar to new heights.

Feature Image Source: Sanjeev Mohindra