5 Best Collaborative Project Management Software

Project Management Software

December 25th, 2019   |   Updated on December 16th, 2022

Project management software is extremely important as it helps to make the work much easier. Many businesses need some kind of collaborative platform.

What to do if you are in need of project management software like Workforce Software Monday and which to choose? Let’s find out.

Top Collaborative Project Management Software

Implementing project management methodologies is a complex process. It includes the manager’s experience as well as developers’ knowledge and the tools which only make the process easier.

Such might include physical boards and other instruments, but it is often much more convenient to use various project management software as it allows to connect with developers and customers regardless of their place.

Collaborative project management tools are especially valuable in creative and hi-tech work environments where productivity and workflow depend on the communication of the workers.

Such tools generally allow creating of a digital workspace with the ability to track important parameters which also allows for improving team collaboration.

If you are still in doubt if your need for collaborative project management tools, even testing the simplest ones in your work environment can show you the results. Implementing such software will take the overall experience of your team to the next level.

Best Collaborative Project Management Software

We selected several of the project management tools which offer the best conditions.

1. Bitrix24

A classical tool which is used to implement agile management principles is definitely Bitrix24. It coordinates all the tools project managers might need for successful work completion.

But it can be used for various purposes as well, starting from basic tools like intranet team communication via text or video and up to HR management and CRM.

The system which is offered to organize the tasks includes Gantt charts. Those allow to control the workload and distribute the tasks evenly among all of the team members.

At the same time such system implies you can prioritize certain tasks as well as track dependencies between them especially if certain assignments depend on the previous completion of the other tasks.

As for communication inside the team which is very important during the project Bitrix24 has several options to offer. Those can be divided into:

  • Chats and messengers. Those include personal and group chats which allow to send text messages. This is the most simple and common way to discuss ongoing issues and details;
  • Calls. Bitrix24 provides with the opportunity to incorporate telephone numbers and call your workers whenever you need;
  • Video chats. In case you think eye-to-eye conversation will be more convenient or if you need to hold a conference or a meeting, you can use video chats. It is especially useful in cases when some workers are involved remotely. They can still be included into the team and feel the advantages of collaborating with other workers even though they don’t share an office;
  • Email. A common project email system can be created in Bitrix24. Even though it might not be the most useful tool to communicate inside a team, but if a strong collaboration with clients is implied or mailings are about to be distributed among all of the group members, creating personal emails on the base of Bitrix24 can be very convenient.

With Bitrix24 team project management software you also get a storage where all the necessary documents and files can be kept. It is also possible integrate Bitrix24 with the other tools and business processes if preferred.

This means all of the project data can be located in one place and you won’t need to search among various programs is you want to find what you need. The integration can be applied to various CRM systems, planners and calendars as well as other data storages.

As for the tasks, those can be regularly updated and notifications will be sent to all members of the team. Time limits are also tracked and considered while setting deadlines.

Last but not least, a mobile version of Bitrix24 is also available. In case you don’t have access to a laptop or personal computer but still want to get regular updates and increase collaboration among developers, you can download a mobile app.

It offers all of the functions which are available in a desktop version and simple, user-friendly interface allows to use a mobile app conveniently.

2. Todoist

Todoist is collaborative project management software which is perfect for task control and planning. It is not as complex and comprehensive as Bitrix24, but still allows to organize your work successfully.

In case you are a project manager and want to organize your own work more efficiently Todoist is also perfect.

This way you can concentrate on what you personally need to do and define the tasks which further on can be assigned to specific team members via other kinds of project management software.

As for the features which help with team work, there are such options as prioritizing tasks. It allows to pick the most important tasks which have to be done daily or within other periods of time.

The priority is marked visually which provides simple understanding of the task given for all of the team members.

Other tools can also be integrated into the work with Todoist. Those include cloud data storages, such as GoogleDrive, planning tools as well as messengers which provide with good communication and collaboration among team members.

Certain integrated tools can also be used to automatize the working process others allow to track and optimize working process. Tools for faster report creation can be integrated into Todoist as well.

3. Trello

Trello is definitely one of the most famous types of simple collaborative project management software. It is actually a type of electronic Kanban board which is perfect for implementing agile methodologies as well as creating a visual workspace which allows to keep a team or workers updated regularly.

It is both possible to create a personal board and a team board which allows to monitor working process. In the first case it works more as your personal planner where you can list and prioritize the tasks which have to be completed.

You can also move the tasks depending on their status. As for the team work, when you include all of your team members into the board, they can also alternate it, adding and deleting tasks as well as moving them to completion.

As for the structure Trello offers, it is a classical Kanban board. When you create it you can add as many columns as you need and name them respectively.

The classical ones are going to include To Do list, In Progress and Done. But if you want to track the work your team does more precisely you also have an option to include other sections. Once a task is taken or completed it is moved to another section up to the moment every step is finished.

There are also tools and commands offered by Trello which allow automatizing business processes. There is a specific Butler command which performs simple automation tasks within your board.

It can be used to automate simple daily tasks but only a limited number of options is available. For instance, you can only set one button and one rule per card or board.

Other than that, you can create unlimited number of cards and columns within a board. That means organizing and planning team work becomes extremely easy.

4. Asana

Next on out list of collaborative task and project management software is Asana. If you need more features than just being able to create a basic list of tasks, this is the choice for you.

But that is not the only advantage of Asana – it also has visual structure which is welcome in agile management projects.

This is the most important feature while choosing a software for project management as visuality enhances user friendliness as well as transparency inside the team. And as Asana is extremely pleasing visually, it is so perfect to work with.

Premium and Business features of Asana might seem pricey, but a basic plan is just enough if you are just getting started with project management or work in a smaller company with a restricted budget.

The number of functions is still pretty broad and just enough for basic but efficient project management.

Being a project manager, you can decide how to present the tasks to vendors. There are two types of views offered by Asana: list and board. It is up to you to choose which suits your needs best.

It is also possible to change board view into calendar which makes it possible for workers to be presented with upcoming deadlines and a general overview of tasks for a month or a week.

It is both possible to set deadlines for specific assignments, but choose an assignee for those as well. It is also possible to make sure that particular people are assigned to certain tasks and they know they are responsible for them.

This is also represented in the chart visually. When the tasks are completed the status can be updated by the performer.

In comparison with other project management tools Asana is known as one of the simplest. This is achieved by visual user-friendly interface.

Even the workers who came across project management tools recently can get used to it fast because it doesn’t require any specific preparation and studying.

If you are using several other tools and applications in your work, you can integrate them with Asana and have no issues exchanging information.

Those can be used for extra communication among team members, as well as planning, automating work process and report creation.

5. Wrike

Wrike includes simple drag-and-drop system which is pretty common in agile project management software.

That allows to manage created tasks, This feature is available for all project members so each of them can alternate a corresponding task the person is responsible for.

As for the presentation, Wrike uses basic Kanban-style board which consists of columns and task cards. It is similar to a system of sticky notes which can be taken off and put on depending on the status of a particular task.

The most important feature of Wrike which often attracts users to this software particularly is real time activity stream.

Everything your co-workers do can be overviewed at the same time from your own account, so there is no need to constantly update pages or have notifications.

As for communication, Wrike allows to participate in chats which have a system similar to the one of social media.

For project management Wrike also offers 2 GB storage for free but even more is available with paid plans, It can be used to upload project related files, but you don’t necessarily have to simply keep the documents in one place.

Another feature of this storage is that it allows to edit the files online without downloading them to your computer.

It is also possible to integrate Wrike with the systems you already use. You don’t have to lose the information you have gathered and the progress you have achieved if you decide to start working with Wrike.

Just connect it to your regular online data storages or other programs which allow to plan and control the project process.

For those who value mobility and the possibility to connect through mobile devices, applications for iOS and Android are available.

Those are just as simple to use as a regular software but allow to keep in touch with the team regardless of your current place.