7 Essential Software For Windows PC In 2021

Essential Software For Windows PC

June 7th, 2021   |   Updated on April 18th, 2023

If you are looking for essential software for a PC, there are chances that you have bought a new system at home, reinstalled Windows or upgraded your system for best outputs.

It is because you also understand the value of keeping essential software for PC as they are capable of changing the way you work and put ease to it.

It even increases your productivity, efficiency and saves a whole lot of time. Yes, it might need you to spend a few dollars but we are sure that every penny is worth investing.

We know that finding essential apps for Windows 10 is not an easy task from a huge list but this is why we are here. From photo editing apps to cleanup tools, the list has got you covered.

Best & Essential Programs For Windows 10

1. Advanced PC Cleanup

A dedicated cleaning tool for PC, Advanced PC Cleanup is capable of detecting and removing junk files from your computer while maintaining its health. All your old downloads, temporary files, and trash are easily removed from the Recycle Bin.

The best part is that you can get rid of such obsolete files and redundant programs without digging the PC manually. Try it and your PC will only feel lightweight.

Apart from removing junk, you will be able to see optimized space with enough free storage for future files. When you try the product in the free version, it can uninstall programs from your system whereas the PRO version also consists of Invalid Registry cleaner and keeps you safe from online trackers. So, allow your system to breathe free with this Windows essential software.

2. Systweak Antivirus

Now you cannot work alone on your system without keeping a protection layer around it, right? Well, this is why Systweak Antivirus is an essential app for Windows as it protects your system from malware threats, adware, spyware, viruses, trojans, etc.

With that, get real time protection with its Quick, Deep and Custom scans. Moreover, you are free to schedule your threat scanning as per your requirement.

Given its clean and intuitive interface, it works right for newbies as well as advanced users with a hassle free navigation system. Another plugin called Stop All Ads keeps your browsing experience safer and smoother.

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3. VLC Media Player

Each one of us knew that VLC had to show up! If you download any video or movie on your PC and want to run it offline, there is nothing better than VLC Media player, hence called essential software for PC. Apart from playing media, there are other amazing features and functionalities which make it unique and popular.

Interestingly, it is free of cost and does not require you to pay a penny and works not only on Windows but also on other platforms like Mac, Linux, Unix, Android and iOS. We can’t forget to mention that it can play a number of files, discs, webcams, streams and various other popular codecs.

4. Hotspot Shield

Those who are finding a reliable VPN service in order to keep identity protected as well as making a safe distance from cybercriminals or malware attack while browsing, Hotspot Shield is just right. You can find here free VPN servers that allow accessing the internet with no borders with online anonymity.

Hotspot Shield offers browsing content from15 countries with its strong military grade encryption. Thankfully, no one can track your IP address when you are scrolling or viewing Netflix through the virtual tunnel.

5. Skype

During your work from home experience and virtual meetings, Skype is a big time savior for every Windows user. This is why they have already crowned Skype as Windows essential software. Although it came up long back, it still is the best video calling software, which allows you to collaborate with 50 people at a time, record meetings, share screens and do instant video conferencing.

Skype provides free as well as paid calling facility amongst which paid facility provides you international calling facility at nominal prices. Moreover, you can go for subscription plans that allow users to do unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines.

6. Audacity

Even though Audacity is an old software, it still maintains its value as important and essential software for PCs. Audacity is an audio recording software and has a very simple interface for every user.

Offering dozens of tools, it provides multi-level tracking, mixing, and navigation in very few drags and clicks. Interestingly, all the music files of every format are well-supported for your ease.

One can convert their files into MP3 format using this audio recording feature and hence shall be kept in PC as essential software for Windows 10.

7. Advanced Driver Updater

No matter how much software you keep on your system, they need regular updates. If they are not updated on time, there are chances that you are lacking in improved versions and better efficiency.

This is why another essential program for PC is Advanced Driver Updater as it scans your system to find out all the outdated software and one click alone can update all the available software in a go.

Moreover, it can even take a backup of old drivers and restore them so that you don’t miss old or upgraded drivers in any case. Indeed an amazing solution to boost your device drivers.


We are hopeful that you have found your essential software for Windows PC in one single blog post only. There are lot of must have software for windows pc you can explore her.

For Although we are sure you will be downloading all of them, you can still recommend us other essential software that a Windows user may need to keep in their system.

Also, let us know which of the essential Windows apps is right for you from the list mentioned above in the comment section below. Comone Windows users, show some love!