4 Apps That Will Soon Come To Android In The Future

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July 10th, 2020   |   Updated on March 5th, 2024

Today, over 3.5 billion people own a private smartphone. Young people are prime users of this modern digital technology, yet, older generations are gradually catching up with the trend.

The study showed that 50% of 10 year-olds in the United Kingdom have their own smartphones.

As shocking as this might sound, even a more striking fact is that 24% 3 and 4-year-old Brits own a tablet which some of them are even allowed to take to bed.

These numbers are very similar in almost all developed and even some emerging countries.

Young people use their smartphones and other gadgets more often than ever before as they become a crucial part of our daily lives.

The internet connection and access to smartphones are no longer only to make a call, text, or have fun surfing the web.

Rather, digital solutions are being introduced in many fields we rely on.

A soaring number of educational institutions use them during the teaching process while some workplaces have even started providing their employees with personal smartphones.

Amid the ever-growing demand and the changing demographics across the globe, many industries and businesses within them are seeing a complete transformation in efforts to meet the needs of the modern reality.

Industries that were always naturally linked with technological evolution saw a substantial boost in size and the pace of development.

However, other fields that never had tight bonds with technologies and the digital world also were forced to gradually adapt in order to survive.

One of the notable examples is the financial industry.

This traditionally elite and exclusive area of the global economy has been turned upside down by the recent changes in needs and demands from customers.

Now one will barely find a successful commercial bank without a mobile application or a web platform.

Performing financial operations is now easier and more convenient than in any period of time before.

We can easily transfer money from one part of the world to the complete opposite side of the earth in a matter of seconds, without even thinking about how different this procedure just a couple of decades ago would have been.

Another marvelous adoption story is the gambling sector. Casinos have always been a subject of luxury.

Even hearing a word, the vast majority of people would immediately think of grand venues in some of the global gambling meccas such as Las Vegas or Monaco.

Nevertheless, digital technologies have made this kind of entertainment more accessible than ever before.

A growing number of gambling companies launch their own digital platforms, including mobile applications.

They saw a significant increase in traffic while attracting people from the new niche of the audience.

Considering how vastly the industry has grown, there is always great anticipation about new apps for Android, the most popular operating system on earth. Here are some of the exciting apps that are soon coming to Android.

1. Energy Ring

This one is for some of the latest smartphones and will surely not work on the vast majority of older generation ones out there.

The initial release of this application was for a new Galaxy S series smartphone with a punch hole on the display which became a subject of discussion last year.

It allows users to add a battery life circle around the camera, indicating how much of it is left even when the phone is locked.

The energy ring has been acknowledged as one of the best new applications this year.

It is particularly significant in terms of practicality and actual use. For many, it is even a way to save more battery or simply keep it convenient.

The latest version of the app is available for other smartphones as well, including Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy series A phones, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8 Pro.

New versions of the app are under a constant development process, thus, stay tuned for your model to be featured.

Yet, this app with amazing use is not always cheap and can cost up to $26.99.

Yet, pricing depends on the version and a phone model. Regardless of how much it costs, it most certainly is a good value for money.

2. One Shade

Who does not get bored by the traditional Android notification bar on any phone? They are often rather basic and can rarely be adjusted. Even phone themes do not affect this part of our phones.

Thus, they always remain the same without even a little, tiny personal touch by the owner. But, there is good news for Android users! Notification shade bars are set to be customized through the app One Shade.

This brilliant application allows users to play around their notification bars in many different ways.

There are adjustable color options, shades, and even icons that can be changed! It gives an endless opportunity to be creative with this at a glance insignificant part of the smartphone interface.

3. Removed For Reddit

Social media discussions are big-time these days, yet, the most renowned platform for this purpose is Reddit.

It is a massive source of information and a great community with an endless number of subreddits and a soaring number of users.

Yet, there is always a temptation and sometimes a need to uncover deleted comments and see what they used to say.

Removed for Reddit is a perfect app for you should you be in need to check a comment that is no longer available.

You simply need to find what you want to uncover and directly connect it with the app. The software shall use push shift for all the heavy lifting and is open source.

4. Snap Search

Search engines have become essential tools in our daily lives. Yet, the vast majority of them are either too addictive or ask for too much personal information.

Moreover, not all of them are safe and ads are annoying as well. To fulfill the needs of those who prefer light browsing, Snap Search is a perfect option.

As it has been announced, the app will give users the possibility to perform some basic browsing activities, click on links, and save them in a much safer environment.

Snap Search also features a built-in ad blocker, a major advantage for those who are not big fans of overwhelming amounts of promotions on the web.