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How To Install Pool Ladders For Above Ground Pool?

5 Tips How To Install Pool Ladders For Above Ground Pool?

March 18th, 2019   |   Updated on August 18th, 2021

The notion of improving or upgrading homes refers to activities such as renovating or remodeling an existing house project for the purpose of creating comfort to its users.

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There exist various home contractors or expert which homeowners may prefer to employ in assisting such renovations and educate them on the advantages of constant home improvements.

Many American homes have that advantage of affording swimming and recreational pools for entertainment purposes. However, there are different structures in which various pools are installed. For instance, pool ladders are a common sight in many swimming areas.

They may be in the form of Above Ground Pool Ladders or inbuilt ladders. This kind of above pool ladders are installed just above the ground pool level in ladder or staircase form and are used to jump into the pool or frolic around it. Pool ladders are necessary for safety and protection around the pool. It does not matter if their users are expert swimmers or not but it ensures preparedness in case of carelessness.

For this reason, it is vital for pool owners to know how to identify the perfect fit ground pool ladder that will suit their deck and size of the pool. Some of the basic features to consider when choosing the perfect above ground pool ladder is by ensuring the material and weight of the users of it.

This will just ensure that the right and strong material is installed which may protect it from heavy bodies and changing weather conditions. It is also necessary to consider the durability of the material for instance steel that is free from rusting and which do not corrode with chemicals in the pool water.

Installing above pool ladders may be a rather sensitive and difficult task for pool owners. This is because of the measure it requires to ensure that it is not wobbly and may not cause harm to users. The following tips will assist home and pool owners to safely install above pool ladders with ease.

How To Install Pool Ladders

1. The Setting Of Pool Posts

Pool Ladders

The only way an individual can safely enter and exit a pool is by the use of a ladder. Ladders are not always safe and due to their nature, it is scary and uneasy to use them especially in a pool when you are not that much of a swimmer.

The pool water is expected to hold the ladder once submerged in the water which can cause a slip in the ladder. However, it is advisable to secure the ladder by creating post holes outside the pool, yet closer to the pool wall to tightly secure and hold the above pool ladder in place.


2. Fastening Of The Ground Pool Ladder Posts

Once the poles are secured in the post holes, it is vital to drill or create pilot holes from inside the pool and secure the posts with bolts through the outside of the pool.

The more holes a person decides to create for bolting the more secure the ladder will stand. In addition, an individual may opt to mark the created holes in order to align it with the pool wall for added safety.


3. Drilling And Creating The Ladder Holes

Pool Ladders

This step requires expert hands and equipment in order to carefully drill the marked holes for attachment of the ladder to the pool wall. Any homeowner should be equipped with an electric driller so as to carefully drill those holes and align it precisely.


4. Securing The Top Rail Of The Pool

After done with creating and drilling the holes to connect the above ground pool ladder, It is advisable to secure the holes with strong bolts.

For added measure, a homeowner should consider stainless bolts or protected metal which may last and not be prone to chemical corrosion or rusting.

Here he or she may decide to further secure the drilled holes to the ladder with extra nuts and washer and place the ladder platform with the ladder for a fine finish.


5. Concluding Up

Pool Ladders

The final tip in finishing the secured above ground pool ladder is to ensure there was no potential damage caused by the drilling.

This would be to check the pool ladder area for possible leaks and fill the holes with silicone sealer or any preferred filler.

In addition, an owner may place some of the silicone sealers around the bolts and holes in and out of the installed swimming pool.