How To Win At Scratch Cards: 5 Tips That Really Work

How To Win At Scratch Cards

Published on April 30th, 2019

Scratch cards can be small-sized daily bets for a lot of people. They are also one of the most acceptable ways of day-to-day gambling. They are an easy temptation that people give into with the hope and imagination that they can turn into overnight millionaires.

They can be in fact life-changing because some of the draws can run into millions of dollars. People like to play some amount of scratch cards on a regular basis. In some cases, scratch cards are even termed as a lazy man’s lottery!

How To Win At Scratch Cards

Lottoland is now in India, so you can try your hand at a wide variety of scratch card options that they provide along with numerous international lottery options.

But is there a way that you can really end up winning scratch cards? Here are 5 tips that can really work!


1. Buy Smart

If you are new to scratch cards, you will find a vast number of options to choose from. This can be confusing – almost like a minefield to make the right choice from.

There are innumerable prize options, designs, and even brands to consider in this market. A little bit of homework around these choices can go a long way in increasing your chances of winning.

While it can be very tempting to go for cheaper scratch card options initially, you need to understand that they also come with lower prize money. It is advisable to go for a smaller number of higher prize cards instead of a greater number of lower prize variants.


2. Read The Small Print

Whenever you buy scratch cards, it is advisable to read through the small print as far as terms and conditions are concerned. Some of the cards even disclose the odds of winning, so it becomes important to be aware. This can help you make better choices.


3. Study And Analyse

Expert scratch cards winners are known to study the design as well as the layout of scratch cards. This helps them understand the patterns and decipher the chances of winning via repetition noted in signs, symbols or numbers on the scratch cards.

While more and more issuers are trying to design cards, which are difficult to decode, it is all about the efforts put into studying them over a period of time.


4. Restrict Number Of Games

It is a smarter choice to choose one or two games and stick to them instead of diversifying your money allocation. It can limit your chances of either winning or losing one game instead of losing all games.

If you are able to pick a game, you will also be able to understand it better and thereby increase your chances of winning over a period of time.

In the temptation to win, a lot of people tend to plug their money in a variety of cards and eventually end up losing. This can best be avoided if you can learn about one or two key games, which have heavy prize money involved.


5. Play Like Slots

A well-timed purchase can end up winning you a jackpot if you wait for the losers to finish. It’s like a slot game, where you can judge based on long streaks of losing cards.

Experienced players try to hang around the machines to wait for the dry spell to end before they make their plunge.

A long list of losers means the jackpot is yet to be won. It could mean that you will need to wait around the scratch card counter or outlet for a longer duration. Some amount of small talk with the cashier can also give you tips on recent trends in winning and losing cards.

The above-mentioned ways are sure to work successfully in your favour when playing with scratch cards.