What You Need To About Black Cohosh Uses And Benefits

Black cohosh uses

May 6th, 2019   |   Updated on September 30th, 2021

Black cohosh is a medicinal root that grows in Northern America. It was first used by the Native Indians as medicine. It is also referred to as bugbane, a name it acquired after being used as a bug repellant.

The root extract is used to treat different diseases and symptoms. The medication is considered herbal and can be used as dietary supplements:

Black Cohosh Uses And Benefits

1. Benefits

This drug is used to treat perimenopause and menopause symptoms exhibited by women. Menopausal symptoms include sweating, vertigo, heart diseases, and ringing in the ears. It is also used for hot flashes remedy due to its effectiveness in lowering temperature and sweating.

The drug is also used to restore normal estrogen levels which helps reduce intercourse pain, increase your sex drive, and control mood changes.

It is also used to reduce mental activities and the loss of bone density in women under the postmenopausal phase. It also induces labor in pregnant women. Additionally, on the skin, it can remove acne, wart, and moles.


2. Dosage

This medication can be found as tablets or syrup. You can grind the tablets to create powdered medication. Depending on the condition you aim to treat, the dosage differs.

The dosage constitution differs from one brand to the other. This is because some manufacturers produce their drug in a pure form than others. Dosage ranges from 2.5 – 200 Mg per day.

In liquid form, this translates to 0.4 Ml to 2 Ml. For menopause-related symptoms, 40-200 milligrams are ideal for controlling the symptoms. The drug can be consumed for a few days or a year.


3. Side Effects

Side effects of Black Cohosh uses

The FDA has never approved the medication, but Germany gave it a clean bill of health and approved it. The common side effects associated with it include stomach upsets and rashes.

It also causes the user to pass dark urine and yellow eyes that can be confused with jaundice. The patient might also experience excessive tiredness, muscle pain, and nausea.

It also causes fluid buildup and weight gain. Severe side effects include heart failure, liver failure, blood clots, and low blood pressure.


4. Interactions

Before administering this drug, individuals should seek professional consultation first. The drug is not controlled. Consequently, it may contain botanical chemicals.

These chemicals might be harmful to individuals who suffer from botanical allergies. You should also avoid the drug if you are suffering from liver, heart, cancer, depression, and antihistamines.

Additionally, in case you are suffering from other chronic illnesses, or you are under medication, inform the doctors before they issue a dosage.


5. Where to Find Black Cohosh Medication

The medicine is sold I stores under different names and manufactured by different companies too. Buy your product from decent sources to avoid purchasing contaminated and poorly processed medication.

The medication is approved in Germany. You can outsource it from there. Be cautious when carrying out online transactions as some might be fraudsters posing as sellers.