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Transfer Your Music From Your Mac To Android Using iMusic With Ease!

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Published on April 12th, 2019

Data transfer across operating systems often causes problems as it cannot be done simply by plugging in a USB cable, copying and pasting and opening data at the destination. We need more than that. We need special software.

It is one of the main complaints of users who switch from any device to an Apple one. They argue that they do not know how they manage their files.

Electronic Music Production

However, everything is easier than it might seem. In general, Apple has implemented all kinds of functions in its operating systems so that we can conveniently manage the files we have, even to other devices that have nothing to do with their own. However, it is also possible to use external tools to make operations simpler or faster.

In this case we are going to take a look at iMusic, a tool that will help you transfer music from Mac to Android, and vice versa.


How To Transfer Music Between Devices With iMusic

To carry out this operation we have different methods. On the one hand, we can upload our songs to Google Play Music. This way we will have the opportunity to start the application from Mac and listen to all the songs that we want and that have been previously shared. There is also the possibility of transferring the audio files from our Android device to the Mac, using the file browser. This task is somewhat more rudimentary, but it will also give you good results.

The option we want to detail is to transfer the music using iMusic. The process is fairly simple. How to transfer music from Mac to Android? We just have to follow these steps:

– First, we start iMusic on Mac, and connect the Android device to the computer using a compatible USB cable. Follow the instructions on the screen so that the connection is made correctly.

– When the devices are connected, the mobile will be displayed in the Device tab of iMusic.

– Give the device, and the icon that has the form of a musical note. You only have to select the files that you want to transfer to the phone and give it to the + icon, which will add all the contents.

On the other hand, you can transfer your music from the iTunes library to Android by following these steps:

– Again, you have to connect your Android device to the Mac using a compatible USB cable.

– Follow the Library path> Your device and give it to the icon that has the form of a musical note.

– You only have to select the songs you want to transfer, add and finally, the “Export to” option and your Android device. iMusic will do the rest. How to put music on Android from Mac? It’s not a difficult thing anymore!


Why iMusic Is A Good Application To Transfer Music

The main advantage that iMusic offers us is that it allows the transfer of music between devices in a few steps. You only have to connect them to each other and follow the correct route to be able to enjoy your songs in both terminals. Keep in mind that the list of compatible devices is immense, which means that you should not have problems when it comes to the recognition and transfer of files.

Do not forget that iMusic is a free application that can already be downloaded from its official website, for Windows and for Mac. The free version includes its most interesting features, including the one we have commented on in the article. A project that will be essential in your day to day.