Touching Acts Of Kindness By Kids That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Acts Of Kindness By Kids

March 26th, 2021   |   Updated on January 29th, 2022

Children’s ideas are dismissed as “childish”. Their acts don’t get proper attention, or are completely ignored. However, children are more creative and honest than what we would like to think. The list has 30 kids whose incredible acts of kindness will restore your faith in humanity.

1. My Six-Year-Old Nephew Bridger Saved His Little Sister’s Life By Standing Between Her And A Charging Dog

2. No Shame In Loving Your Mom

3. Real Heroes

4. I Can’t Believe It, 6 Months Ago I Saved Your Life, And Today You Are Enjoying It, I Love You With All My Being

5. A 7 Year Old Promise

A 7 year old promise from r/MadeMeSmile

6. “If I Had A Super Power, It Would Be To Fly. I Would Tell Other Children From Around The World To Come And Play With Me And My Sisters, And To Drink Tea Together!” – Mohamad, A Syrian Refugee In Lebanon

“If I Had A Super Power, It Would Be To Fly. I Would Tell Other Children From Around The World To Come And Play With Me And My Sisters, And To Drink Tea Together!” – Mohamad, A Syrian Refugee In Lebanon (from r/pics) from r/MadeMeSmile

7. Crying In An Uber

8. Hadn’t Seen Each Other Since Daycare Closed, Parents Arranged A Playdate. When It Was Time To Leave:

Hadn’t seen each other since daycare closed, parents arranged a playdate. When it was time to leave: from r/pics

9. This Kid Is Going To Places

10. My Daughter Said ‘I Love You’ For The First Time Yesterday, Of Course It Was To The Cat

My daughter said ‘I love you’ for the first time yesterday, of course it was to the cat! from r/aww

11. Just A Kid

Just a kid from r/MadeMeSmile

12. I Am A Teacher. I Am Also Jewish. I Received This Message Today From A Student After My Introductory Lesson On The Holocaust.

I am a teacher. I am also Jewish. I received this message today from a student after my introductory lesson on the Holocaust. from r/HumansBeingBros

13. These Belgian Kids Are Doing A Restoration On The Graves Of WW1 Soldiers

These Belgian kids are doing a restoration on the graves of ww1 soldiers. from r/pics

13. Kid Taught Himself To Crochet And Was Able To Master The Craft

Kid taught himself to crochet and was able to master the craft from r/pics

14. Awesome Kids

I teach 8th grade. This week, my homeroom took an angel off the “giving tree” – a little girl. All she asked for was a bike & clothes. My kids all agreed to bring in $2 each & we’d buy her clothes bc we couldn’t afford to get the bike. Then today, very quietly one of them came to my room with this from r/HumansBeingBros

15. My Son Was Looking Out Of The Window. Then I Heard Him Fly Down The Steps. I Was Gonna Fuss At Him… Until I Saw Why He Did

16. I Got This Two Years Ago From A Neighborhood Kid, We Still Have A Long Way To Go For LGBTQIA+ Rights

I got this two years ago from a neighborhood kid, we still have a long way to go for LGBTQIA+ rights from r/pics

17. 11 Year Old Chelsea Makes Art Kits For Kids That May Not Have Access To Art Supplies To Teach Them That Art Is A Start To Healing, Expressing Themselves And Communicating

18. My 8-Year-Old Is Painting Pet Portraits To Raise Money For The Animal Shelter

My 8 year old is painting pet portraits to raise money for the animal shelter. from r/MadeMeSmile

19. These Kids From Daycare Saying Their Last Goodbyes Before Going To Separate Elementary Schools

These kids from daycare saying their last goodbyes before going to separate elementary schools. from r/aww

20. A 10-Year-Old Boy And Family Friend Cleaned Snow Off 80 Hospital Workers’ Cars During Storm

A 10-year-old boy and family friend cleaned snow off 80 hospital workers’ cars during storm from r/MadeMeSmile

21. 40 Cute

22. My Sons (Age 4, Adopted From Foster Care) Insist They Are Twins

My sons (age 4, adopted from foster care) insist they are twins <3 from r/aww

23. This Boy’s Got His Priorities Straight

24. Proud Dad Moment

25. Just A Wholesome Kid Restoring My Faith In Humanity

Just a wholesome kid restoring my faith in humanity from r/MadeMeSmile

26. Two Street Children, With Barely Enough Money To Afford Slippers, Bandage An Injured Puppy

27. Timothy Madders Holding A Thank You Letter From The Queen. He Made Her A Homemade Wordsearch To Keep Her Occupied During Lockdown

Timothy Madders holding a thank you letter from the Queen. He made her a homemade wordsearch to keep her occupied during lockdown. from r/MadeMeSmile

28. This Is Sophia. She Just Turned Ten And Used Her Birthday Money To Purchase Toys For The Dogs & Cats At The Animal Shelter

This is Sophia. She just turned ten and used her birthday money to purchase toys for the dogs & cats at the animal shelter. from r/pics

29. We Lost Everything In A House Fire Two Days Ago. Our Little Neighbor Did A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Us

We lost everything in a house Fire two days ago. Our little neighbor did a lemonade stand to raise money for us and the firemen who tried to save our house came by to support it. from r/pics

30. My 3-Year-Old Son Was Worried People Wouldn’t Be Able To Tell Him And His Best Friend Apart Because Of Their Matching Shirts

My son (3) was worried people wouldn’t be able to tell him and his best friend apart because of their matching shirts. from r/aww

31. So Incredibly Wholesome

32. Had Her For A Week, I Think He Loves Her

Had her for a week, I think he loves her! from r/aww

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