Amazing Facts About India That Must Be Shared

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Published on August 13th, 2019

India is a beautiful country and there are no two doubts about this fact. Apart from being a cultural hub, its ancient history boasts of stories and events which can leave anyone stunned.

However, most of us are yet quite unaware of what this lovely country is all about.

Here are some amazing facts about India that can leave anyone wondering about its enigma.

1. Despite all the noise about our being backward India still remains the second largest English speaking nation. It has nearly 10% of the population conversing in English which is next to the USA only.


2. India has nearly 3 lakh mosques constructed. With around 14.2% of the population being Muslim this can be expected. However, the fun is that these mosques thrive without any hurdles.

3. As per the world book of records, Amritsar’s Golden Temple by far remains the most visited shrine in the world. Nearly 1 lakh people visit it every day and that makes up for the beauty of the place.

Golden Temple

4. On May 26th, 2006 Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad visited Switzerland. A man believed to have no haters Azad was treated with respect and ever since the day is being celebrated as Science Day in the country.


5. The arch-shaped Chenab Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir is the world’s tallest rail bridge. Its height is around 1178 feet over the river Chenab.

Chenab Bridge

6. India is the only Asian Country and the fourth country overall which has been able to reach the Mars orbit. This is a feat which no one has been able to achieve at least not amongst the neighbors.

First Asian Nation And Fourth Country In The World To Reach Mars’ Orbit

7. We also have the third largest army amongst all the countries. The feeling of patriotism is widely rampant in India. Also not to forget that we are the fourth most feared air force in the World.

Dress Rehersal for AirForce Day

8. India is the world’s largest producer of tea, milk, mangoes and the second-largest producer of wheat and rice.

largest producer of tea, milk and mangoes

9. We have seen various types of our national flag however, not many of us know that you can only use Khadi cloth for making it. If any other cloth is used then you can be punished to up to 3 years in Jail.

We see various adoptions of the Indian national flag today

10. India also has the largest postal service network in India. This is thanks to the 155618 post offices and 566000 employees that this government organization can boast of.

largest postal network

11. Indian railways are actually the largest civilian employer in the country. It has over a million employers and the number continues to increase every year.

India Railways

12. Surprisingly India is the third country apart from the USA and Japan to be able to make Supercomputers. Other countries are still trying to match up to the skills.

India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers

13. Indian economy is still quite small. It is nearly 8.1 % small than even the US state of California.

 Indian economy is still quite small. It is nearly 8.1 % small than even the US state of California.

14. During the 2019 general elections Officials literally confiscated half a billion dollar of bribes in the form of gold, silver, alcohol, etc.


Source: Image

15. The Mars orbiter mission was achieved at a cost of $74 million which is almost 10 times lesser than the cost USA undertook to send the Maven spacecraft to Mars.

$74 million

Source: Image

16. Mangalyaan is the size of a Nano car and was launched in November 2013. It is a proud fact that so far no country except India has ever been able to make their satellite reach Mars in the first attempt.


Source: Image

17. Total weight of the Chandrayan 2 is 3850 kgs and its cost is almost around US$141 million.


Source: Image

18. Originally the Chandrayan 2 was supposed to be launched in the year 2011. It was going to take up Russian Lander and rover, however, Russia backed off at the last moment. India had to make their own parts for the Chandrayan and that was the reason for so much delay.

Russian Lander

19. Indi’s first president Rajendra Prasad took only 50 % of his salary home. He was earning Rs 10000 per month at that time and felt that he needed only 50% of that amount.

Rajendra Prashad