4 Advantages Of A Grain Cart For Farmers

Advantages Of A Grain Cart

Published on March 30th, 2020

When it comes to agriculture, having the right pieces of machinery and equipment is necessary for a smooth flow of operation.

Gone are the days where farmers have to process their harvests and take days to finish manually.

Today, with the help of technology, mechanical tools have paved the way for a faster and efficient way to acquire their harvest.

One of the leading machineries that farmers use is grain carts. It is also known as a chaser bin, and many large-scale farms have started using it to speed up their harvesting process.

Why Use A Grain Cart?

There is a reason why a grain cart has slowly become a staple in the agriculture business. The following are some of its many advantages.

More Efficient Unloading

Before the invention of grain carts, farmers used three pieces of equipment; this consists of the combine hopper, a wagon, and a tractor.

The tractor is used to pull the full wagon onto the loading storage. Because of this process, it requires more time and gas to go back and forth the loading station to the harvesting field.

So, to lessen the hassle and make use of time efficiently, a grain cart allows the storage of the harvest onto its built-in wagon, which has a more massive room.

Thus, instead of pulling a wagon back and forth multiple times, the harvest storage can be filled up with lesser effort.

The unloading on the go function of the grain cart is one of its best and most sought after features.

1. Saves Money And Time

Dividing tasks like picking up the crops, removing dirt, and loading them into storage; takes up so much effort from a regular farmer.

As such, if a farmer wants to do it manually, they would have to shell out a significant budget to pay a large number of farmers.

To remove all the hassle from the hiring and screening process, purchasing grain carts would significantly cost less as the equipment is made for heavy-duty work and will truly last for years.

Instead of having to create a whole process of hiring the right kind of farmers, a grain cart will do the job more efficiently. It saves time and money than opting for manual labor.

2. Increased Capacity

A grain cart has a bin that can carry a minimum of 12 Tons. It is far greater than the maximum capacity of a wagon and thus increases the loading capacity without using too much gas and traveling a greater distance from the field to the loading station.

A grain cart with a higher position can carry up to 20T and is excellent for large scale farms.

3. Works Even In Mud

Unlike wagons, a grain cart can function even in mud. It is highly beneficial, especially during the wet season, so as not to leave the harvest stagnant.

Productivity will not be compromised even when it is always raining, and any product made can be harvested accordingly.

4. Using A Grain Cart For A More Productive Harvest

Every farmer would want to harvest their products in the fastest and least expensive way possible.

A grain cart is an excellent long-term investment that every farmer should have, both large-scale and small size.