Advantages Of Getting A Trained Dog


June 26th, 2019   |   Updated on February 13th, 2021

Canine training is important for a myriad of reasons that will benefit you and your dog. An obedient and well-trained pet is more than a companion, it is a reliable and prepared friend that can bring you joy and keep you safe when necessary.

Furthermore, numerous studies show that trained canines tend to be happier than their untrained counterparts as they can better manage their impulses and control their emotions.

Benefits Of A Trained Dog

Dog Training

1. Better Social Skills

Trained dogs are far less likely to cause trouble with other pets or canines they meet for the first time. They are also better with people they do not know, which facilitates going to the park or having guests over. Finally, obedient and prepared dogs are careful around young children and infants. This is due to their improved social skills and the ability to suppress different emotions such as anxiety, excitement, fear, etc.

2. Stronger Bond

It is proven that trained canines have a stronger relationship with their owners. Your pet will appreciate the time you spend with it and your tutoring, and that will allow you to have a mutually beneficial friendship that is founded on trust.

3. Enforce Your Position as Pack Leader

Dogs, like all canines, have the natural pull to belong to a pack and every group must have a leader, which in this case would be you. Establishing yourself as the dominant member of the pack will eliminate severe behavioral problems but more importantly, will keep your pet healthy, as dogs that lack leadership tend to suffer from depression, separation anxiety, hyperactiveness, and more.

4. Give A Purpose To Your Dog

Like all pack animals, dogs need to feel useful and desired and proper training will give them purpose. Which is why you should always purchase your pet from professionals who offer trained puppies for sale as it will make things easier for both of you and smoothen the acclimation process.

5. Issues That Dog Training Can Solve

stray dog

Each dog has its own character and emotions. Some canines are docile while others are troublemakers that have a hard time coping with their feelings and expressing their desires. Here are six behavioral issues that training can fix:

A. Aggression

Countless dog owners do not take this flagrant red flag seriously and end up regretting the consequences of their negligence. Aggressive canines are a danger to their owners, other people, themselves, and other dogs. That is why they should be subjected to rigorous obedience training.

B. Barking

Most people see barking as a normal but annoying trait. The truth, however, can be quite different. Dog’s express themselves via woofing and often their owners don’t realize it is a sign of an underlying behavioral issue.

Furthermore, barking is usually the precursor to an attack. Whether your pet is trying to tell you it needs your help or woofs constantly due to its animal instinct, training it would certainly help.

C. Jumping

Seek the help of a professional and reputable trainer if your dog greets anyone by jumping or putting his paws on them. While this behavior can be seen as harmless it can lead to unwanted accidents if a large canine jumps on a small child or infant. Moreover, not everyone enjoys being greeted in such a manner. A simple training routine will make your pet more sociable and obedient as it will be able to suppress its instincts.

D. Leash Pulling

Remember, you are the alpha “dog” so it is you who must control the leash and not the other way around. Your canine should be able to walk with you and not pull you in different directions. Many dog experts consider this a classic sign of “bad” behavior that can be corrected via proper training. You can find out more helpful tips on walking your dog correctly and so much more, over at

E. Ignoring

Some dogs can and will ignore their owners when they are called. The only remedy for this type of behavior is obedience training. Of course, you can spare yourself the hassle of teaching your canine by purchasing your pet from professionals who offer trained puppies for sale. This way, you will have the peace of mind that your dog will always reply to your calls.

F. Tail Chasing

Tail chasing is seen by many as adorable and fun but the reality is much more troubling and grim. Dogs that do it are bored and are looking for ways to entertain themselves since they feel abandoned by their owners. Training will stimulate your canine and will “chase away” their desire to catch their own tails.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of owning a trained dog, do not hesitate to purchase a well-prepared and obedient pet that will be your friend for the years to come.