5 Advantages Of Using Ball Valves For Your Next Project

Advantages Of Using Ball Valves

Published on June 25th, 2019

In the field of valve and fitting industry, one of the best choices is ball valves. Ball valves are designed with durable quality whether it is made of plastic or steel. Its cost-effective feature is surprising considering that this is one of the superior quality valves in the market. They are also known for its smooth streamline operations and easy to control specifications. But what makes ball valves different? Why should you consider using ball valves for your next project?

Ball valves are very flexible with regards to different applications. They work well with oil, chemical, or even pharmaceutical industries which involve toxic and non-toxic chemicals. If you are dealing with a high volume, high pressure, and high flow operations, ball valves are your best choice. To broaden your perspective on how you see ball valves, here are the perks of utilizing them on your next project!

1. Durability

Ball valves are commonly made of bronze, copper, steel types, metal alloys, polyvinyl chloride, and other materials with strong features. Whatever their material composition may be, its capacity is exemplary. They work well with both cold and hot temperatures without alleviating their maximum performance. These are designed for heavy duty jobs for controlling operations for different applications.

Considering that they are usually made of steel, metal, and plastic types of materials, they are flexible in terms of utilization. From the different types offered in the market, it would be best to seek advice from consultants. We want to prevent incompatibility between ball valves and application. Compatibility is aligned to the ball valves’ durability. When a ball valve is not compatible with the application, it compromises the durable design of the valve.

2. Low Maintenance

Purchasing ball valves are accompanied by a manufacturer’s manual. It is a booklet filled with instructions and first-aid for valves. When followed, ball valves will remain at their best condition. They do not require excessive monitoring. We just want you to keep track of potential leakage and valve malfunction. Depending on your choice of material composition, ball valves are known for its resiliency. They contribute high performing operations to the functionality of a structure.

Comparing it to the other types of valves, ball valves are very efficient to maintain. This is why we highly suggest clients seek consultation with professionals to provide advice about the material composition of ball valves. They are knowledgeable about what are the materials and applications prolonging their lifespan. As it features high resiliency, it is aligned with the high-efficiency rate too. In spite of the lower maintenance requirements, you can still expect ball valves to perform effectively.

3. Affordability

Affordability is how ball valves are established. Considering its high quality ensured by globally accredited ball valve manufacturers, quality is never compromised. Their low-cost feature isn’t just the price itself but as well as its maintenance costs. Since they are almost considered as stand-alone valves, they require fewer maintenance checks lowering maintenance costs. Fewer maintenance checks don’t necessarily mean that the durability is being taken for granted. It’s just that, they are designed to withstand high levels of pressure and temperature.

Expect quality-based ball valves at a very affordable price. Ball valves are known to be cost-efficient because of its material composition and assembly process. Its durable material composition lowers its chances of malfunction causing repairs. If you purchased ball valves from a reliable industrial valve manufacturer, there is no doubt that they will perform smoother operations.

4. Smart Design

Ball valves are known for their durability and efficiency. Since they are mostly composed of strong bearing materials, they are designed to withstand high cases of temperature, pressure, and flow. From the name itself, ball valves have a spherical-shaped lock to ensure the security of regulating and halting the flow. They are one of the most trusted valves in plumbing because of the minimal time consumed to close or open the valve.

The designer ensured that in spite of the low cost, the specification of ball valves are efficient during operations. They have direct control in turning on and off the flow of liquid and gas materials. They aligned the design into something that practices authenticity knowing that the other types of valve look almost alike. Ball valves are considered as one of the best choices because of its smart design in competition with the other valves doing the same job. If you are seeking for a state of the art valve, ball valves are highly suggested.

5. Quick Control Operations

Compared to the other valve types, the ball valve is the easiest valve to install and to operate. This is why most clients with residential, commercial, and industrial needs seek ball valves because they provide ease. Their efficiency doesn’t just apply during operations but as well as during repairs. They are not complex to the point that light repairs can be done by your maintenance checkers. Ball valves after purchase come with a manufacturer’s manual.

Ball valves don’t require an amount of time to regulate and halt the operations. In just one turn the valves are able to stop or to regulate the operations. Compared to the other valves sold in the market, you don’t have to rotate a handwheel. All it takes is just one turn. That is why most project managers prefer ball valves for liquid and gas control.


Deciding to choose ball valves for your next project is a smart choice. However, it will always vary on the application they will service. Knowing how ball valves work, they deal with different liquid and gas materials. You have to identify first your factors why ball valves will work for your next project.