7 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With African Fashion For Men

African Fashion For Men

Published on May 16th, 2019

Are you fond of something bright and attractive prints? Well, then you should surely get to know why African Fashion to be followed. By styling yourself with African fashion you will be a bit different than others and it will look up to the minute in this voguish world.

Following Are The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Follow African Fashion:

1. Easy To Integrate With Any Other Style


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During this modern era, one can notice that African Fashion has become popular through marvellous designers and fashion insiders. By the help of your sense of style, you can carry such outfits in a unique way.

In the world of African Fashion, you will find out every kind of outfit respective of any type of occasion. All you need is find out which kind of color and print will suit on that specific occasion.

Even though you decide to wear Dashiki for men during casual days, still it will provide you a modish and rich look because of its subtle prints.


2. Subtle Prints


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This type of prints is unique because every kind of a print has a different story to be known. Such stories and maybe the meaning of prints is only known by the ancestors, also they do not prefer sharing.

The print generally clashes with each other and creates a different look. There are traditional tales that also can be conveyed.


3. Because Let’s Break Stereotypes

Fashion is something where every minute there is an update in trends. It is necessary to stay up to the minute in this voguish world. But everyone stays updated in fashion trends but what makes a difference in your clothing? You should break the stereotypes but make sure whatever you carry any outfit it should be modish and stylish.

You will be able to break the ordinary trends with something which is not seen generally but is appropriate to be worn.

Your friends will definitely get surprised if you wear an African outfit and visit any party or get together. All you need is to have some fashion skills to carry the outfit and you are all set to head out of the house. It needs confidence and class to think beyond the current fashion trends. But if you can you should surely try and it will worth a while.


4. Prodigious Design Is Beautiful


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African prints include many varieties of prints. Such prints can be identified from far also. This is because the size of the print is larger comparative with other prints. It is fun in order to wear such types of prints. Secondly, it will surely make you stand apart from the ordinary crowd.

If you are willing to try something out of the box then you should surely purchase Dashiki T-shirt for perfect desired look. Such types of clothes not only provide you a different look but also a great comfort while wearing them. Make sure that the material will suit your skin as per the season of your surroundings.

African prints such as Asoke, Batik, Kente, etc are some famous examples. Such prints will be seen most of the times. In fact, you will surely come across a designer who has combined African and Italian design, made a great outfit. It was a great outfit and got much focus at the international level.


5. Affordable Price

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Many of the International Fashion Insider prefers African clothing because it is super comfortable and gives a voguish touch. In the local market, such clothes are available at cheap rates and so now it is also available online.

If you are not willing to invest more money in clothing and on the other hand want a great look. Well, then African clothes will be best for you. Because of cheap rates, you can buy more of African clothes and you will be able to change attire frequently.

You can style yourself in the best way and at cheap rates. There is a wide variety of products available online as well as at African markets so select the clothes as per your desired look. If a product is cheaper at a rate it makes an overall difference while purchasing. Make sure you get the best quality of material that feels gentle on the skin.


6. Western Voguish Trends Are Inspired By African Fashion Ideas


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Here, you will get to know how western trends are inspired by African fashion. For instance, if we talk about kaftans for a man then you will get the perfect picture of what we want to convey. They are available in a wide range of vivid shades and designs.

I assure you such type of kaftans will be totally different than the ordinary ones. They are made of solid color with some subtle African print on the neck and at the sleeves. By this there is a combination of two different types of trends and overall it looks good.

One can also prefer wearing Dashiki shirts or t-shirt with denim and also placing a denim jacket on it. By this, there will be a western touch on the African print which ideally looks appealing as it includes different style.


7.  Vivid Colors

 Vivid Colors

Whenever African Fashion is heard or read then Prints, patterns and most importantly bright colors comes in mind. The reason behind being African fashion is famous in the whole world is because it features a different shade of colors with unique brightness.

Since ancient time, we can observe there are many changes in the colors. There is different meaning behind every color used for African fashion.

  • Red Color: It shows tension in either political or in the spiritual world. Generally, this is known by everyone, it also represents the shade of blood.
  • Gold Color: Wealth and fertility can be observed through Gold color.
  • Blue Color: As usual, it symbolizes peace and love. Sky also can be represented through a blue color.
  • White Color: The term spirituality and purity is indicated through white color.
  • Green Color: It represents a medicinal color which further indicates prosperity and life.

This blog conveyed actually reasons why to follow the African trends or Dashiki for men. This style is something that is being preferred from all over the world.