Benefits And Applications Of Concrete For Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

September 30th, 2021   |   Updated on March 15th, 2022

Thanks to innovations and technologies, themed rides are becoming more engaging and interactive, resulting in a growth in amusement park markets.

Companies emphasize smartly designed structures vortex aquatic structures to create a fiction-based theme to the parks that children read in their storybooks.

It takes a lot to build an amusement park. Experts in mechanics, engineering, and construction technology work together to make a theme park successfully.

However, the protagonist of all amusement parks and roller coasters is the concrete that shapes and creates the park’s landscape and structure.

Concrete is an essential material and resource used in amusement park construction. It offers tremendous benefits for ensuring the safety and quality of all elements of a theme park.

It provides structural integrity for theme park rides and attractions. Concrete foundations are necessary to install a structured park properly.

Concrete also offers a safe and accessible surface for visitors to wander safely throughout the park. If you’re considering building an amusement park, consider the few of the many benefits of concrete construction:

  1. Durable and able to withstand the forces of tension and compression that come with rides and rollercoasters.
  2. Weather-resistant in any environment, meaning it can withstand extreme elements and remain intact.
  3. Tremendous longevity and won’t burn, rust, rot or erode.
  4. Versatile can be molded and formed into any shape, making it the perfect material for creative designs at amusement parks.
  5. Good sound insulation and vibration resistance to block noise and disruption from rides.
  6. Reliable and resilient material with low maintenance costs.
  7. Long life-cycle, low carbon footprint, and 100% recyclable.

Because concrete is such a versatile and robust material, it can be used in various applications throughout your amusement park. Here are some of the applications of concrete for amusement parks and water parks:

Sidewalks And Pathways: Theme park concrete construction is essential in creating the paths, sidewalks and streetscapes that lead visitors through the amusement park’s imaginative world.

Concrete is necessary to give visitors a safe way to explore the park. Still, it’s also an essential material for ensuring accessibility as it’s used to create ramps, plazas, and total access points.

Theme Park Ride Foundations: Millions of tons of concrete are poured every year worldwide as new theme park rides are developed.

Poured concrete foundations for theme park rides are what give the new roller coaster the structural integrity it needs to move thrill-seekers through a world of suspended disbelief safely.

Structural engineers carefully calculate how much concrete is required to support rides and roller coasters’ weight and intense forces.

Attractions And Displays: Attractions and displays often have creative themes, such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Universal Studios’ Jurassic World.

These attractions and shows are constructed with many materials — the staple one being concrete. But, because these attractions have a story to tell, the concrete needs to be adapted and designed to make these displays come to life.


Often, concrete contractors must harden and color their product to meet a specific vision, whether it’s a unique texture or clear hue.

The versatility of concrete makes it a tremendously helpful material that can be applied in all sorts of unique and remarkable ways.

While some endless materials and supplies go into amusement park design, concrete is essential.

Park designers rely on theme park concrete construction not only just for the safety and structure of the rides.

Concrete also offers flexibility and versatility that allows designers to bring their creative visions to life.