Unwinding In The Backwaters Of Alleppey

Unwinding In The Backwaters Of Alleppey

Published on March 23rd, 2020

Visiting My Not-So-Secret Favorite Holiday Destination

One of my go-to travel destinations for the times I really needed a break from all the hustling and grinding at work, has been the Alleppey Backwaters.

There is a unique sense of calm and peace there, which always helps my tired mind and body to freshen up and recharge in nature’s lap.

On the one hand, I want to recommend this piece of heaven to everyone I know, on the other hand, I want to keep it, my own little secret haven.

Does it make sense to you? Well, all the pictures I put up on my Instagram feed do not help in protecting this secret very well.

The last time I went there was only a couple of months back. But honestly, it feels like a lifetime ago.

This was when I went to Kerala for my cousin’s wedding in Kochi. But I had reached there a couple of days before the wedding, and decided on an impromptu trip to Alleppey.

As soon as my flight landed in Kochi, I thought it would be best to book a convenient cab from Kochi Airport to Alleppey.

Doing Something Different

Unwinding In The Backwaters Of Alleppey

It must have taken me around 90 minutes to reach Alleppey. On the way, I made a pitstop for a coffee and bathroom break.

When I got there, I booked myself a hotel room for a couple of days for myself. After a relaxing hot shower, and some light dinner, I crashed for the night.

As I said, I have been to Alleppey quite a few times in my life. But the last time I went there, I did something different: I decided to avail a reliable Alleppey taxi service and honestly, I do not regret it one bit.

Booking myself a cab made it easier for me to cover the distance from one place to another, without having to spend any more time worrying about conveyance, than necessary.

Going Around Alleppey

On my first day there, I went to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. I had heard a lot about this place but somehow, I never made it a part of my itinerary to go there.

This time, however, I did, and it was a pleasant experience, to say the least. It’s spread over an area of 14 acres or so.

I did manage to sport a few species of migratory birds, but honestly, I don’t remember which kind they were. I have never been good with names.

Anyway, after the visit to the sanctuary, I went to this church called St. Andrews Basilica Arthunkal. I have always loved dropping by for a few moments in this church.

I wouldn’t call myself too religious, but there’s something about the architecture and aura of old churches that have always intrigued me.

After the church, it was time to go and spend some time on my favourite Alappuzha beach.

I enjoy sitting on the beach, and observing people from all walks of life, go about their day.

I think, doing nothing is almost therapeutic in this life, where we are used to being busy, and doing something or the other, every moment of the day.

The beach has some really good options for Indian street food. But I didn’t feel like experimenting much, and stuck to my usual takeaway of shellfish.

Spending Time By Myself In The Alleppey Backwaters

Unwinding In The Backwaters Of Alleppey

This was how I spent my first day in Alleppey, but honestly, I was actually looking forward to the next day, when I would be on the backwaters of Alleppey.

I rented a small boat, which would take me around the backwaters for the most part of the day. Once on it, I cannot stop but admire this miracle of nature. How can someone not be in awe of the greenery here?

The water of the lagoons, and the curvy and narrow pathways of the water, the silence, the fresh wind blowing constantly – everything effortlessly makes you feel relaxed, and at peace with yourself.

This time, I decided to not let any technology invade my space, so I kept from clicking pictures as well. I was in the moment – happy, free and recharged to take on the world.

I spent some of my time reading a book that I had carried with me. But soon, the warmth of the sunlight and the light breeze made me drowsy.

I had a nap even before I had my lunch. After a late lunch, my boat ride was soon over.

Although I was upset about my short trip coming to an end, I was pretty content and joyous of the little time I could steal for myself here. I honestly, cannot wait to be back!