4 Reasons Behind Hair Loss And The Ways To Improve Density

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Published on November 18th, 2019

Hair loss can be a life-changing experience, both for men and women alike. People are seeking several clinical treatments, at the same time, looking for natural remedies, away from harmful chemicals for hair density boost.

Today, the problem of hair loss appears to be a common problem and the ratio seems to be increasing at an alarming rate across the world.

Additionally, the recent studies suggest the following years could be worst for acute hair loss and baldness, owing to several factors like- weather, water and bad health.

It is normal for men as well as women to lose hair every day whether combing, taking a bath in the shower or blow-drying. Most people lose almost 100 to 200 hair follicles every day and it is quite natural.

Nevertheless, excessive loss often leads to baldness. It may become an issue that’s more serious and needs medical treatment and attention without any fail.

An experienced physician does a thorough assessment of your overall health to detect conditions like thyroid, diabetes, polycyclic ovaries, and birth control pills.

When a physician can successfully detect the exact cause behind hair loss, the treatment becomes easy and highly beneficial as well as effective.

A responsible and efficient doctor carries out thorough check-up of your health condition and scalp before suggesting or doing any hair density boost treatment.

If you face alopecia problems, you must know the best tips that you can follow to prevent the alopecia problems effectively.

Make sure you read this article to learn some of the greatest and most useful remedies that are experimented for hair fall control and promote new hair regrowth.

1. Hair Fall Control And Hair Density Boost

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The primary cause of thinning and falling hair is actually because of DHT or dihydrotestosterone. It is a hormone that tends to hold itself to the hair follicles and other receptor sites.

For this reason, hair follicles get trapped, withered and thus stimulating the loss of hair and baldness. Thus, you should put in all your effort into getting rid of and controlling DHT.

There are very effective remedies you can utilize to achieve the result:

  • Consult a doctor to get the best treatment for you
  • Follow natural or herbal remedies. They are excellent dihydrotestosterone inhibitors that work effectively than most medications and treatments.
  • Make changes to your day-to-day dieting and eating habits. Drink more water and cut down on fats and sugar intake.
  • Get rid of stress and get enough sleep every day.

2. Increasing Hair Growth

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While preventing excessive loss of hair is very important in treating the condition of hair loss, so is restoring significant growth of the hair.

To accomplish much firmer hair regrowth, you can try the following tips:

  • Eat healthily. Include more fruits and vegetables.
  • Take biotin supplement because studies proved that biotin is capable of improving the growth and density of the hair.
  • Never ignore the significance of iron, zinc and magnesium. These beneficial minerals are essential elements required for your body to develop substantial hair strings. To make things better and easier for you, you can take a good multi-nutrient supplement as well.

3. Hair Transplant For Hair Density Boost

Hair Transplant

Genuinely, there is no possible way to increase hair density within a week. To be fair enough, any wrong process may accentuate the problems of hair loss and baldness.

Even, there is no such treatment, even with medical treatment that enables you to get a head full of hair or hair loss control within a week.

Furthermore, any treatment may take time to show its result effectively; say at least two months to six months. Undoubtedly, the time may vary invariably according to each condition; however, it doesn’t take just a week to show the result in any case.

As we know that home remedies and other natural treatments take a long time exceeding expectation.

To ensure hair loss control as early as possible, you shall go for clinically done hair transplant procedure, especially DHI technique, which is one of the most accelerated methods in hair transplantation world that shows results in a few weeks.

DHI technique is another name for direct hair implant. It is carried out by a CHOI implant device, which is a small device that looks like a pen, using for implanted the hair follicles.

This device enables the experts to implant hair follicles in the similar direction of the present hair condition, in addition to, provides maximum hair density as required.

4. Follicle Restoration Surgery – Another Method For Hair Density Boost

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The inception of modern technologies and medical science, physicians today can transplant a small portion of hair follicles to give men and women alike, a natural and flawless look. This is most commonly known as hair restoration.

The newly transplanted strands of hair must look as natural as possible. They are done in a way to imitate the place and direction of the existing locks.

With the modern tried and tested methods and natural-looking medical procedures, hair transplant for men and women has come a long way.

You can also visit leading hair loss experts and hair transplant experts can help you regain your lost hair.

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