This Is The Best Gift For Your Cat Loving Friend

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June 2nd, 2021   |   Updated on December 14th, 2021

There is a high chance that one or more of your friend’s is crazy about cats. They love to ‘aww’ over every cat picture, video and meme that pops by on their phone screen and chances are they share their love for the furry creatures with you.

If you are looking to find something for your cat loving friend, we have the best gift that will be particularly appealing to their eyes.

The Best Gift For Your Cat Loving Friend

One of the best gifts that we believe can be offered for your cat is a customized portrait of their pet. Crown and Paw provide you with unique pet portraits, and also allow you to choose an outfit for your cat. There are over 150 possible outfits that can be drawn onto your cat.

There are various options such as astronaut, pilot, race car drivers and royal outfits to name a few. You can choose one such outfit that best capture’s your cat’s personality.

The steps for the portrait are very straightforward. You have to upload a picture of your cat, after you have chosen one of the outfits from their list. Make sure you upload a close up of your cat’s face to allow them to create a proper resemblance.

Finally, you have to pay for the portrait, and wait two to three days for the order to be completed. It’s still possible to request any edits in the portrait.

These portraits are available for print on canvases. They also offer these portraits on other items such as mugs, blankets, posters, phone cases, mugs, and throw pillows.

If your friend has more than one cat, it’s also possible to have all three or four of them in one or multiple Crown and Paw cat portraits.

Reasons to Order A Custom Portrait

There are various reasons why custom portraits of their pets have become so popular.

  • One of the main reasons why custom portraits are ordered, is to memorialize one’s deceased pet. Losing a pet can be very hard for the pet’s owners and take them months to get over. A customized portrait is a thoughtful and unique alternative to simple photographs.
  • A customized portrait doesn’t have to be created for deceased pets only. You can give your friend a portrait of their cat that would please them very much as well. The portrait can be gifted on birthdays, Christmas celebrations and more.
  • Your pet’s portrait can be a great option to add color to the room. It’s a unique piece of art that can be a popular talking point for guests. Similarly, using your cat’s portraits on other items such as pillow covers, and coasters are additional ways to show how much you love your furry pet.


A custom pet portrait is a personal and thoughtful gift for your friend, who clearly loves their cat. It’s a great way to show your friend how well you know them, and it’s likely to bring a big smile to your friend’s face. If you are lucky, you may earn some brownie points from your friend’s cat as well.