What Is Biometric Attendance Software (BAS)?

Biometric Attendance Software

Published on March 7th, 2021

Software applications have become incredibly specialized when it comes to assessing the specific shapes and sizes of characteristics that help us identify individuals. This is especially true when it comes to Biometric Attendance Software (BAS).

To put it simply, biometric attendance software scans and recognizes fingerprints, retinas, facial structures, and the wavelengths of voices. It is often used as authorization barriers for banking and mobile phones. Law enforcement and the security industry have also benefited from this remarkable technology.

Most impressive, BAS can even be repurposed as a user-friendly leap forward in tracking employee hours. Here is how it works:

How BAS Works

Recently, digitized biometric systems have been combined with attendance software to streamline everyday business operations. For example, fingerprint readers are rapidly replacing card-based time clocks.

An employee simply presses his or her thumb or index finger on a small glass screen, and the structure of his or her print is digitized and analyzed for identification. A light or sound lets the associate know that the fingerprint has been read.

The digitized information is the ID code for that individual. This is recorded by the attendance component, which automatically registers paygrade, regular hours versus overtime, and holiday pay.

BAS will also record absences. Some systems even feature mobile applications that allow employees to e-request personal time or register sick leave.

The Benefit of BAS

What Is Biometric Attendance Software

Above all else, biometric attendance software ensures efficiency. The readers are fast. There is no fumbling with or forgetting swipe cards, which eliminates the need for a manager overrides or manual entry. Attendance is input directly, saving HR untold hours in bookkeeping.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about employees’ ID cards wearing out. This means no “error traffic jams” at the clock for bad card reads. Additionally, security never has to issue a new pass code to an employee because his or her card was stolen.

These systems are incredibly accurate. No two fingerprints are alike. As such, there is no way for employees to buddy-punch each other in. Unlike other automated attendance methods, BAS is impossible to hack or get around.

Biometric attendance software also preserves employee identity and privacy. A time clock in large facilities can be a point of personal vulnerability. With a BAS system in place, “clock vultures” cannot “scope the clock” for personal information of other workers. No name, ID, department, or other forms of personal information will ever be used to register attendance.

BAS can also work with other devices. Specifically, BAS works well with mobile devices for off-site clocking. They can also be easily configured for differing levels of restricted area access. Some software can even work in tandem with other HR software programs.

Transform Your Workplace With Biometric Attendance Software

While the inescapability of BAS systems may seem to border on Brave New World tactics, most employees like the autonomy they provide. They are a quick and reliable way to make sure attendance compliance is met without requiring hovering assistance or keeping track of an ID.

Promote employee productivity with biometric attendance software. Invest and learn more today!