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Bitcoin History: Important Timelines To Remember About The First Digital Currency

First Digital Currency

August 6th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

As they say, nothing happens overnight; neither the history of Rome was jotted down in a day or two, nor is the case of Bitcoin. Both took time to come; however, both are two different things though.

The digital coin is regarded as the first crypto to come into existence; however, it did pass through other roller coaster rides in the last ten years of its presence.

The saga of love and betrayal is interesting to check about this digital coin, which we will be discussing here in the following paragraphs.

Bitcoin History: Important Timelines

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2005 – BitGold Was Recommended

This year, we heard about this first, and the idea about this gold was very much similar to today’s bitcoin. However, they differed in many ways. The basic things like autonomous entity and Blockchain seemed in common to the two, but despite being discussed and debated in the public form, they could not become a part of the market.

2008 – The Whitepaper of BTC

This year, we heard a man called Satoshi who came into the picture to talk about bitcoin. People did not know about him, while the platform like Cryptography was learned this year. The papers discussed the infrastructure and other stuff, and they embarked on the first version of the program, talking about the digital coin.

2009 – The Bitcoin

This year, we first heard about this digital coin getting its launch pad as it was able to add a great number of changes in web-based finance once for all. The man who wrote the whitepaper was responsible for bringing out the same on his own. Whereas the very same year, another man was able to transact around 10 BTC.

2010 – Bought Pizzas

You remember you may have one day, which is called Pizza day when on 22nd May this year, one software programmer invested around 10K of BTCs in procuring two pizzas. Imagine the whopping money he invested in procuring just two pizzas around 11 years back. We remember this day as Pizza Day of Bitcoin.

2011 – The Dollar Parity in the United States

This was the year when one BTC’s value reached close to the USD. This was the time when the buyers were able to raise 1 USD to get one bitcoin. This helped people understand its value in the market and was also seen as a genuine fund.

2013 – The 1st BTC Bubble

This was the year when we experienced the first BTC burst noticed in the market. This was when in the very second month, people were able to check things as to what is happening under the name of the bubble. This was the year when 1 M of BTC was sold at the cost climbing high from 5 to 20’s BTC. This was the first key BTC bull race seen with the bubble.

2015 – The BTC Rival

This was the year when the digital coin ETH or Ethereum was created. There were too many speculations about the rival of BTC coming into the market, and it finally happened, and many even defined it as a better bet when compared to the BTC. Although there were a few that were named earlier, ETH did score a point on BTC.

2016 – Initial Coin Offering Mania

The smart contract that one can see the ETH was seen in several other companies that helped give the funds in a big way. Traditionally speaking, a number of companies were seen coming out in the angle investors, and these are seen as an accelerator to carry out the lengthy along with the rich IPO thing over the stock exchange market.

With the ETH, one can find any group can develop their smart contract using ETH. This was the new method of raising money known as ICO.

2017 – The BTC Mega Bubble

This was the biggest bubble to happen in the digital currency market that did create a huge amount of buzz around the coins. Soon the complete digital currency market seemed to have reached the next level.

2018 – The lowest Point

This was when BTC reached the lowest value ranging around 3.3K USD per BTC.

2021 – The highest Point

This year was regarded as the highest point for the BTC as it did reach 64.8K USD, and it was recorded as the highest one in the history of Bitcoins.