Top 5 Neighborhoods To Buying A Home In Houston

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Published on July 3rd, 2020

Houston is currently one of the most sought after cities to buy a property. After all, you can find or build here any real estate for any wallet. Not for nothing, Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and the largest in Texas. That’s why buying a house in Houston will be one of the best investments in your life.

Houston residents are great lovers of good food. The city has more than 11,000 restaurants with different cuisines and various levels. Houston as one of the main cultural and tourist centers of the United States. But the city ranks second in America in the number of theaters in America.

Moreover, there is no such a variety of theater groups anywhere – from amateur folk troupes and all kinds of “progressive” groups of different directions to highly professional opera and ballet.

A huge number of cultural events are held in the city, including all kinds of exhibitions, tours, etc. Millions of people annually attract Houston museums.

Museums of natural science, modern art, visual arts, and others are especially popular. Houston’s famous zoo competes with museums in popularity. Parks of the city are known for their beauty and unique floral collections.

The Nature Center and Arboretum, Memorial Park, and Peace Park attract hundreds of thousands of people every day.

In total, there are 337 beautiful parks in the city. Also, everyone can rent or buy apartments in Bell Southpark in Austin, Cooper Villas in Austin, Alta Tech Ridge in Austin, Kolbe Farms in Houston, Enclave at Valley Oaks in Houston  – and have fun with family and friends.

Choosing the best spot in Houston is very difficult, so check out the list of the best areas to buy a house in Houston.

1. Greatwood

The best neighborhoods in Houston to buy a house takes the Greatwood. Residents of the area can have fun playing golf, swimming in the pools, and just enjoy southern life.

The estimated home price is $ 277,000. The large-scale modern area has a truly huge selection of gastronomic establishments.

Among the local restaurants, coffee houses, and bars, you can choose a place to relax for every taste and budget, their number is about three thousand.

The main home developers at Greatwood are Chesmar Homes, Highland Homes, and Sims Luxury Builders. More developers you can find in the website iNew-Homes.

2. The Woodlands

The second major area on the northside of Houston is The Woodlands. This area is very developed, has a rich history.

The estimated home prices in the area are $ 312,000. This area is popular among buyers for its strict construction rules.

You will not find such rules in Greatwood. The wide selection of entertainment that The Woodlands can offer its guests will surely delight fans of outdoor activities.

The city has created excellent conditions for sports, hiking, and cycling, and shopping lovers will also like it, as well as those who associate high-grade rest, primarily with night clubs and vibrant discos.

3. Sienna Plantation

The next area that is popular with shoppers is Sienna Plantation. Initially, the entire territory of this region was used for sugar and cotton plantations. However, over time, along with plantations, the real estate market has grown.

Now, in this area, you can find various houses for any requirements. The estimated home price is $ 293,000. Residents of the area spend their time near Brazos River, in landscaped parks and squares. Thus, this area is very developed.

4. Cinco Ranch

The next popular area is Cinco Ranch. This area also has a long history, which is why it attracts. This area is suitable for modern people who keep up with the times.

The estimated housing price is $ 291,000. Residents of the area can take advantage of various sports complexes, which are built according to the latest trends. It will be interesting to everyone.

5. Bunker Hill Village

The list closes with Bunker Hill Village. This area has an interesting history. Initially, the entire area was the site for a wood processing plant.

After that, the district was built several times for needs, and in 2008 it was called the best. In this area, the real estate market is more developed, and as a result, house prices are also higher. The estimated home price is $ 1 million.

How do you determine the best Neighborhood to buy a home in Houston for 2020?

A detailed analysis of the real estate market was conducted to determine the best areas in Houston to buy a house.

Thus, several factors were taken as a basis – the degree of development of the district, the pricing policy of real estate, and the standard of living.

Among all these points, the Greatwood area took first place among the best places to buy a house in Houston. Since this is a very developed area, where housing prices are lower than in other areas.