Common Translation Mistakes With Big Consequences

Common Translation Mistakes

Published on June 6th, 2019

If we all spoke one language…Well, we do not. If we want to know what our neighbours are talking about, we need to trust people who speak two languages.

Translators’ job is not easy, as each language demands a deep understanding of more than just words. Mistakes in translations happen in all sorts of situations.

Some of them are discovered after decades, some have immediate fatal results. Read interesting examples of tiny and huge errors made by translators in various parts of the world. This reading was prepared for you by Lighthouse Online.

1. Precious Words

In business, every word counts like every coin. The bigger the money, the greater the importance of each word especially in catchphrases. One bank felt this law of translation big time when someone mistranslated their slogan quite the opposite to the intentions of advertisers. To correct the error, it cost them big money.

2. Radiation Translation

Words become even more precious when they are to describe precise doses of medicine. In a French hospital, a few patients died due to wrong translation from English into French. They were translating an instruction booklet to radioactive equipment.

3. Imnotintheofficeatthemoment

Not many people know Welsh, but this language is vastly famous for long words. Someone asked a translator to interpret a road sign “No entry”. Unfortunately, the person was out of reach, and his computer sent an automatic email reply. They thought it is the translation and put it on a pole.

4. Hire The Best

Good translators are not created in a day. It takes a lot of time to become fluent in using two languages and even longer to be able to translate intentions precisely. In serious cases, hire serious professionals and avoid fatal or embarrassing mistakes.

For further mistakes and misunderstandings check the infographic by that is provided below: