How To Compress Your Mp4 Files On Mac/Windows

Compress MP4 Files

Published on August 29th, 2019

Oh no, are you stuck again trying to send that video through email? Has it been 2 hours and still your video shows 2 more hours to go until the file is uploaded?

Fear not there is always a solution to the problem and the solution to this one is to simply compress the MP4 file.

Compressing the Mp4 file has many advantages the foremost being that it will require less space hence it can be easily saved in a limited storage space or sent as a file attachment through email – without wasting a lot of time on uploading it.

So the next question that comes to your mind is how would you be able to compress the MP4 file. Then keep reading on as it is a guide through the whole process of compressing an MP4 file.

One of the ways you can compress Mp4 file is by using WonderShare UniConverter which is the best MP4 Compressor for Windows and Mac

How To Compress MP4 With Wondershare UniConverter On Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

1. Download WonderShare UniConverter App : First, you have to download the WonderShare app and launch it on your device

2. Load MP4 Videos To This MP4 Compressor : Once you have successfully launched the app, move to the Toolbox section and choose the Video Compress option from the given choices.

Then you’ll get a new window which asks you to add a video, click the + sign to select your MP4 video.

3. Customize Output Video To Cut Down The Video Size : The added video information will be shown on the top panel, and you can adjust file size, video format, resolution, bit rate, and other parameters by moving the progress bar. You’re allowed to check the video quality by clicking on the Preview button. Remember the lesser the video resolution the lesser would be its size

4. Compressing The File : When all settings have been completed, hit the Compress button and let this program take care of MP4 compression

5. Download : After the compression is complete you can download the file in your windows either save it for later or send it to a friend. The video is yours to be used anytime and anywhere.

How To Compress MP4 Videos On Mac

In case you’re not using windows and you’re using a Mac you can still use the WonderShare Uniconverter app and cut down the size of your MP4 video.

You can convert files in other small-sized formats, trim videos, or customizing video settings to compress MP4 video. There are two methods by which you can compress your MP4 file.

1. Customize Video Setting To Cut Down Video Size

To achieve this you have to follow the following steps

1. Add Files Which You Want To Compress :  This solution allows you to compress the video size by changing the quality of the video before converting it. You can add files by clicking on Add files button or by dragging and dropping way. Multiple videos can be added here.

2. Customize The Video Setting :  Now, click the drop-down icon of the convert all files to and go to Video > MP4. Then click the editing icon beside one of the presets to enter the setting window. In the window, select small size and let the program automatically set the MP4 file parameters. Also, if you want you can alter the size of the video by change bit rate, frame rate and resolution. Then click Create to proceed with shrinking the MP4 video.

2. Conversion Of MP4 To A Smaller-Sized FLV/WMV

If you don’t want to cut down the video you can simply change its extension to FLV or WMV. They are lighter than an MP4 and occupy less space. However, they are not compatible with all devices.

It has a simple three-step process which can be done in one go

1.  Add Files : Which you want to convert to FLV or WMV converter onto the WonderShare Uniconverter

2.  In The Editing :  The panel chooses FLV or WMV in the format panel. If you want you also choose any other format which will give you a smaller sized video

3.  Lastly Click On : The Convert All button to start MP4 video compression. After it’s done simply download the video and enjoy

WonderShare UniConverter is the best choice if you want to find an MP4 compressor that will help you compress MP4 videos easily and quickly without losing any quality.