5 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Appointment Setting To Help Grow Your Business


December 16th, 2019   |   Updated on January 27th, 2022

Running a business requires a lot of effort, money and time. And our focus today is on the latter. Seldom are these resources available in abundance which is why using them wisely is crucial.

With many aspects involved in growing your business, it’s imperative that you manage your time wisely.

We can’t disregard the fact that you need to actively look for clients to remain in business. However, it’s no secret how you need to invest a lot of time in this exercise if you expect results.

But if you’re being honest, looking for clients is only part of the work required to keep your company doors open.

You need to manage your finances, daily operations and employees to mention a few aspects. This is why you need to consider outsourcing an appointment setter that can help you grow your business via lead generation.

Not only will such companies help you schedule face-to-face or phone appointments, but these meetings are set with key decision-makers. You’ll agree; this will certainly save you a lot of time and trouble.

Let’s deliberate on other benefits to outsourcing appointment setting.

1. More Time For Sales


Cold calling is no easy task and can be met with a great deal of resistance from prospects. Why make your sales team spend hours trying to find leads and schedule appointments when skilled professionals can do it for them?

By outsourcing appointment setting, you’ll significantly speed up the lead generation process. Besides, this will leave your sales team to focus on what they do best—close the deals. After all, revenue is only generated once a sale has been concluded, right?

Your sales team will have more time to sell your company products and services. And the more they increase sales, the faster your business will grow.

2. Save You Money

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Your first thought maybe that outsourcing appointment setting is a costly exercise. But on the contrary, going this route can actually save you money.

Know this; either way you’re going to spend money on making cold calls and looking for clients. And the truth is there really is no guarantee regarding how fruitful your cold calls will be.

As a result, you may end up allocating more money towards phone calls and lead generation than anticipated.

That’s where the beauty of outsourcing this service lies. You only need to pay a once-off amount to the appointment setter and wait for results. This way you can look for a company whose service you can afford and stick to your marketing budget.

Also, note that lead generation is more than just making phone calls. Certain specialised software is required for processes such as auto dialling, data analytics and organising a list of decision-makers.

Needless to say, all these software costs money. By outsourcing this service, it means you have one less thing to worry about because the company in question already has the resources.

3. Quality Appointments


For a company to specialise in appointment setting, it means they have skilled employees with the right techniques required for securing leads.

These employees not only have experience in cold calling, but they have obviously mastered the art. Chances are patience and perseverance come second nature to them. As a result, you’re likely to get quality leads that’ll result in actual sales.

These employees are trained to conduct due diligence when pre-qualifying prospects. Because they have a wide range of clients in their database, they know what exactly the prospects need. This way they’re able to find prospective clients that fit your ideal customer profile.

Also, the appointment setting company will look for prospects that can actually afford your products and services. This will make it much easier for your sales team to close the deal.

On the other hand, the strength of your sales team lies in negotiating, pitching presentations and closing deals. So why not leave the lead generation to the professionals?

4. Increase Your Business Credibility

business grow

For a business to survive, the relationships it builds with prospective and present customers are paramount.

Bear in mind that a telemarketer is the first person whom your potential customer will come into contact with. And this telemarketer will build a lasting impression about your company in the eyes of the prospect.

The appointment scheduling conversation is where qualities such as professionalism and trust are built. This is why you’ll need a reputable professional to handle this job to build your company’s credibility.

Employees from appointment setting companies are trained to deal with all sorts of clients and still maintain professionalism and courtesy.

When done right, the appointment setting will leave a positive lasting impression to the consumer. Customers are known to purchase from businesses that appear organized and efficient.

5. More Time To Focus On Other Areas Of Your Business

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As mentioned earlier, your business is made up of a number of departments from marketing to operations.

By outsourcing appointment setting, you’ll have more time to focus on other areas of your business. The end result is: you’ll see your company grow, resulting in overall success.


In case you were skeptical about outsourcing appointment setting, hopefully, the above-mentioned points have allayed your concerns. An EOR company can help you in the outsourcing process.

Why not make the smart decision of outsourcing appointment setting and watch your business scale to greater heights?