Why Are Custom Winnipeg Windows So Important?


Published on June 27th, 2019

When you want to replace your Winnipeg windows, one thing you do is to check the available windows styles in your local store. You will discover that you don’t have a lot of options, and there are high chances that you might not get what you are looking for. What about thinking of getting custom windows that are designed for you.

Don’t worry! It is easy to get windows that fit in your existing window opening and make your structure appear great and meet your requirements. The secret is to go for custom Winnipeg windows for your home.

1. The Choice For Material

There are various things you need to do to create your custom Winnipeg windows and choosing the right material to use is one of them. There is a myriad of window materials in the market, but the main options are vinyl, wood and aluminium.

Each material has its advantage and disadvantage, so you need to choose the right material for your home. Let’s dig deeper into these window materials to help you make the right decision.

A. Wood

For centuries, people have been using wood material for their windows for one reason; they are aesthetically appealing. Wood materials exude a sense of allegiance and sophistication than any other window material, and you can see why it is pretty common.

However, as time goes by, people have noted some weaknesses of wood such as high maintenance and its vulnerability to weather. It is prone to mould, warping and cracking. In terms of maintenance, it is costly. You need to paint it freshly every four years, and that cost you some bucks. And if it is affected by rot, you need to replace the entire window. This is pretty expensive, not forgetting the initial cost of buying wood window is also high.

B. Aluminum

Custom Winnipeg Windows So Important

Aluminum can be said to be long-lasting and cheaper compared to wood. Besides, they are not prone to warping, mould and rotting. However, moisture still poses a challenge to the aluminium if the screws and bolts get exposed to water, they start to rust and that compromises with the entire appearance of your windows.

Less energy efficiency is another problem with aluminium windows. It conducts heat during summer months, and the winter conducts cold, making them hard to touch. This cold or heat is conducted throughout your home, and this will make you pay higher energy bills to keep your home comfortable to live.

C. Vinyl

You can enjoy both properties of wood and aluminium all in one. Vinyl material is low maintenance and aesthetically appealing. It is also energy efficient and therefore, one of the best options for window material. Vinyl window replacement is specifically manufactured to face the cold Winnipeg climate.

While the options we have discussed above feature triple and double pane glass, vinyl does it differently. Its frames come with foam insulation, which prevents cool and heated hair from getting out of your room. The house it airtight and that makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Vinyl material is not prone to rust as aluminium.
As we noted, the main advantage of wood is beauty.

Vinyl windows replicate that while still being hassle-free to maintain. They exist in a variety of shades which others include wood grain finishes. Since the hues are incorporated into the windows, they don’t fade as is the case with paint on the wood windows.

2. You Can Get The Size Of Window You Want

Selecting the material to use for your custom Winnipeg windows isn’t the only advantage you get from custom windows. You can get the exact size that you need for a particular window opening.

This is essential since you don’t want to get an oversized window that will leave some spaces between the wall and the frame. That will allow water and air to infiltrate your home and compromise with the energy efficiency of your home.

3. You Can Choose The Window Hardware You Want

If you want to use window hardware of your choice, custom window replacement Winnipeg is the way to go.