9 Easy Pieces To Design A Wellness Garden

Wellness Garden

Published on December 4th, 2019

It is really important to find a way to de-stress and give yourself some quiet moments to recharge your batteries. There are many ways to bring wellness into your life.

Those lucky enough to have a backyard can easily transform it into a relaxing garden space that will offer a sanctuary from the chaotic world.

Having your own piece of green heaven is ideal for meditation and yoga, leisure time with a book or just simply spending time with your friends.

Having wellness in our lives is important since it leads to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle which can positively affect our mental and physical state.

But in order to use your garden as such a resource, you need to improve some of its features and plan for change.

With that in mind, here are 9 easy pieces to design a wellness garden that will improve your life and mood almost instantly.

1. Create An Entrance To The Garden

Create An Entrance To The Garden

When you start planning your garden, add building an entrance to the list of things it will require. An entrance is not a necessary nor mandatory feature, but it will help you define the space better and give it its autonomy.

This is important because it represents a physical transition that will encourage you to see your garden as a no-stress area and make it more special.

One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding a gate that will serve as the border for your garden and the rest of your household.

On the other hand, build an arbor that will slowly take you into your garden while you walk under the lush greenery and fragrant blossoms.

The great thing about arbors is that you can install them even in small outdoor spaces like balconies. Basically, you need mount arbor frame around the balcony door and help vines climb on it to create a lush green arch.

That way, every time you step on your balcony, you will feel you will slowly start to de-stress and start feeling the calming effects of your small garden.

2. Choose Soothing Colors

Just like when renovating your interior, the colors play an important role in creating a soothing ambiance and can affect your mood.

Blue, green and silver shades belonging to the cold spectrum will help you create a peaceful environment especially if paired with neutrals.

Warm colors like yellow, red and pink are more lively and thus will be more emotional and energizing.

However, each person has favorite colors and their shades that make them feel better and help them calm down and feel relaxed.

So in the end, you should pay attention to pair colors in the best possible way so they don’t create chaos and disorder which you can do by using the Color Wheel.

Since green will be predominant color, use its different shades to create layers and forms in your wellness garden for better visual appeal.

3. Bring The Peaceful Sound Of Water

Sound Of Water

If your budget and space allow it, consider installing a hot tub which is small but quite refreshing to have even in winter.

However, there are other aesthetical water features that will add to the wellness properties to any garden, even the smallest ones.

The easiest way to do that is to add an artificial waterfall like the ones that mount on the wall and are perfect for decks and balconies.

A small waterfall or pond is very common in Japanese Zen gardens because water symbolizes renewal, calm and continuity.

This may be a perfect solution if you have a backyard or even in outdoor communal spaces to give it a more distinct character.

A simple fountain is always a good solution and will fit into any size and type of space creating soothing sounds of water.

4. Plan An Entertainment Area In Your Garden

Relaxing is something you can do with friends and family as well. While barbecuing and organizing parties is fun, there are other more relaxing ways to hang out with your loved ones.

Of course, you will need a special area for this that will be comfortable and at the same time fit more than two people.

The best way to approach this is by creating a unique seating area that can be easily transformed into a lounge.

Here, you can stargaze with your loved ones, have beauty treatments with your girlfriends or just simply enjoy some casual drinks and food.

This is why you need to carefully organize this space to have comfortable furniture and fixtures that will accommodate this.

For example, a nice fireplace or a fire pit will be a nice addition to the tranquil ambiance especially at night when the lights are out.

If you have a small outdoor space, you can still build your entertainment area with wicker chairs and a small coffee table.

Even a simple pull-out bench with comfy pillows will be a nice addition to the small garden since it allows you to cozy up with your plants and escape the urbanity.

5. Add A Few Secluded Spots For Coziness

Young friends enjoying a day at beach.

Every person needs its private place where they can retreat and enjoy some “Me-Time.” So, when you design your garden, consider creating one or more secluded spots where you can hide from the world and relax.

This will be your perfect nook so that even when you share a small outdoor communal space with others you will still get privacy and peaceful spot just for yourself.

You can place a comfortable bench in the corner and surrounded it with tall potted plants to gain a more tropical experience.

Or, you can hang curtains from the tree branches and place lots and lots of pillows underneath so you can enjoy your personal wigwam.

A hanging chair with cushions in the corner will add a more relaxed vibe, especially in the balcony with warm string lights for more serene evenings.

6. Make The Garden More Alive

Being connected to nature is very important for wellness and in gardens, there is more than plants to help you with that.

Attracting birds and natural pollinator will make your garden more alive and peaceful while at the same time making you content for helping the environment.

A nicely crafted feeder will both attract birds and be pleasing to the eye surrounded by nature in your garden.

Grow flower varieties that are known to attract natural pollinators like bees and butterflies, as well as hummingbirds if there are some in your area.

Namely, hang feeders on both ends of your balcony since hummingbirds tend to fight among themselves to use them.

Lavender is a perfect plant for any space to attract bees and perfect for sunny balconies. Even some herbs will be attractive to pollinators like oregano, chives, and thyme, as well as perfect to add in meals.

7. Plant Fragrant Flora

Plant Fragrant Flora

The smell is more than identifying fragrance – it can invoke memories and remind us of better and happier times.

The best way to introduce various scents into your garden is by planting fragrant flora which you like and will benefit your well-being.

Also, you will have no trouble integrating them into design since many ground and climbing plants are both fragrant and aesthetically appealing.

For example, lavender will add vibrant purple tones to your garden while producing a sweet smell that will help you sleep.

The fresh smell of pine will invigorate you momentarily and all year round, while it’s colors will create natural shade during the hot days.

Jasmine is a gorgeous climbing plant that will embellish arches and wall frames while blooming at night when it releases its floral scent which can relieve depression.

8. Place Pieces Of Art Here And There

Art doesn’t only belong inside and adding a few pieces in your garden will make it more personal and special for you.

Visit the flea markets and yard sale to find art that will look great in your garden and be something you like observing every day as well.

A mural on the wall will look wonderful among the plants and also serve as a wonderful way to make your balcony or terrace unique and distinguishable.

A uniquely shaped bowl would be a perfect decoration for the table in the seating area especially if it’s made of metal like gold or tainted glass so it stands out.

You can make your own mosaics with differently colored stones on the ground or place a statue among the plants unobtrusively.

That way you will gain visual stimulation which will be sophisticated and perfectly fit the landscape.

9. Find Wellness Through Growing Your Food

Find Wellness Through Growing Your Food

Gardening is a great way to connect to the place and reduce everyday stress. But besides planting flowers and other decorative flora, you can also grow your own food.

This is very modern today since people are more and more aware of the products they use and the importance to eat healthily.

A vegetable garden is not complicated to build and maintain even in the smallest of spaces if you plan in advance what you will grow and are ready for the challenge.

Moreover, it will bring a rural charm to your city garden and make it even more soothing and perfect to embrace nature.

Instead of making rows in the soil, build wooden containers where you will grow your vegetables which will bring order to your wellness garden and allow you to plant anywhere.

You can paint the containers shades that will go well with the rest of the exterior or even allow yourself to be artistically creative.

For example, glue stones on the sides of the containers and use colorful pieces of tiles to decorate them and make them more interesting.

In The End

Nature is known to have positive effects on body and soul. It boosts the production of feel-good hormones, clears the mind and encourages us to take on some form of physical activity.

When you have a garden, you can create your own spot to gain a wellness experience and relax from everyday stress.

These easy pieces to design a wellness garden may not all be applicable to your space, but even one of them can change your life for the better.

Just remember to plan ahead and use natural materials to be more environmentally responsible and give yourself an oasis close to your home.