How To Determine Her Ring Sizing (In Secret)

How To Measure Your Ring Size

January 29th, 2020   |   Updated on April 27th, 2023

You can’t wait to pop the big question in the new year — the one you know that your girlfriend has been waiting years for. There’s just one problem.

You have no clue what her ring size is.

After you’ve gone to great lengths to surprise your girlfriend with an engagement ring, the last thing you’d want to happen is to purchase a ring that won’t fit her on the spot.

The good news? You can buy her the right size engagement ring without her knowing. Here’s an online ring sizing guide to help you to get her size right the first time.

Let’s jump in!

Ask For A Ring Sizing Hint

Girlfriend Duties In A Relationship

One of the smartest moves you can make to find out your girlfriend’s ring size is to ask her for this information in a smooth, subtle way. For instance, pretend that you’re buying a birthday ring for your sister. Ask your girlfriend what size she things your sister’s finger is.

Of course, make sure that your sister and your girlfriend have similar finger sizes. You could even purchase a cheap ring “for your sister” and have your girlfriend try it on. If it doesn’t work, at least you have a better idea of what will work for your girlfriend.

Meanwhile, if it works, then give it to your sister and start shopping for a real engagement ring for your girlfriend. You can easily shop for a lovely engagement ring online. Click here to check out a wide variety of rings that your girlfriend will love.

Borrow A Ring Of Hers

Another way to determine what size your girlfriend’s finger is to sneak one of her current rings temporarily. Try to get a ring she wears on her right hand’s ring finger.

However, if you go with this method, avoid getting any ring that is extremely important in her eyes — for instance, a family heirloom. In that way, she won’t feel distressed if she discovers that it is missing.

Ask Her Buddies

friends are sick

You could also simply ask your girlfriend’s closest friends what her ring size is. Sometimes friends know this right away, and if they don’t, they can easily ask your girlfriend in a nonchalant way for you.

You may even want to ask your girlfriend’s friend to take your love shopping for an engagement ring, for fun. In this way, she can get sized professionally. Then, have her friend share this information with you.

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