Dog House: For Your Pet’s Protection

Dog House

December 26th, 2019   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Anyone who has a dog knows a decision must be made whether to make that dog an inside dog or an outside dog.

Usually, people make their dog an outside dog whenever their furniture has been made into chew toys, the dog keeps messing in the house, or just because the dog would rather be outside.

If the dog is an outside dog, then another decision has to be made. That decision is how to provide the dog for shelter. Some people let their dogs use the garage as shelter. This can be a good idea if the owners don’t mind the dog messing in the garage.

This can only work, however, if the garage is open all the time. If the people don’t have a garage and the dog doesn’t have shelter, then the dog can become sick or die due to the elements. Just because the dog is an outside dog doesn’t mean it doesn’t need shelter.

“The Dog House is much more than a place to sleep, dogs, like many other animals, need their own space to feel secure and comfortable, this has a tremendous effect on their behavior.”

Must Be The Correct Size

Most people have heard of a dog house. A dog house provides shelter for your dog and acts as the dog’s home, even if it can’t come in yours. A dog house can be built or bought. If it’s built, it should be built to the correct specifications of your dog.

For example, if you have a large dog, the dog house should be large enough that the dog can maneuver inside. If the dog house is too small, the dog will likely look for shelter elsewhere, perhaps even in another yard.

Do It Yourself

If you are going to build your own dog house, you should also make sure that the dog house is structurally sound.

For instance, you don’t want the dog house falling down on your dog in rough weather. Similarly, you don’t want rain seeping through the roof on rainy nights.

Get an expert opinion so that your dog house is built the first time correctly. If you are going to buy your dog house, pick one, again, that suits your dog.

It needn’t be too big, but it should be large enough so that your dog can fit its entire body inside and turn around once there.

A dog house is a great way to provide shelter for your dog if it has to be outside. Not only will your pet be protected from bad weather, but it will provide a home away from your home for your outdoor pet.

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