Dual Fuel Generators – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Dual Fuel Generators

Published on July 2nd, 2019

Dual fuel generators are the odd blend of being both incredibly simple while also managing to be quite complicated as well. Yes I know that doesn’t make sense but let me explain in more detail first. Let’s start by looking at your conventional standard generator, shall we?

These generators take one type of fuel that they use to generate power. It could be natural gas, diesel, propane or even solar power. Now a dual fuel generator is the same except as the name implies it can take two different types of fuel instead of one.

This can give you a number of advantages for one it allows you to harness the benefits of two different fuel types. Every type of fuel as its own advantages and disadvantages, propane is quieter but harder to find for example.

By having a dual fuel generator you can swap between fuel when it’s convenient to you. Let’s say your propane tank order is delayed in a standard propane generator that would mean you’d be stuck without a fuel source. But with a dual fuel generator, you can simply swap to the other fuel type to power it.

Dual fuel generators are more convenient and can be very easy to use as well, they are also growing in popularity as more manufacturers are keen to use dual fuel technology. Swapping between two different types of fuel might seem difficult but on some generators, it can be as simple as hitting a switch.

Dual fuel generators might be more expensive at first but the extra initial cost can be well worth it. So, now you know a bit more about what exactly dual fuel generators are let’s look at how they work in more detail shall we?

How Do Dual Fuel Generators Work?

Dual Fuel Generators

Dual fuel generators work in pretty much the same way a single fuel generator does. The only extra feature you really need to know about is how the generator is designed to run on two different types of fuel. This will vary but the most often dual combination is natural gas and propane.

Diesel isn’t as commonly seen on dual fuel generators although some models will feature it. However, diesel dual fuel generators are often more expensive so do take that into consideration if you want diesel as one of your fuel sources.

Dual fuel generators might also be a little bulkier or heavier although this is by no means always going to be the case. Dual fuel inverter generators, for example, are usually still very small and lightweight machines. So, don’t worry opting for dual fuel doesn’t mean you will be stuck with a huge heavy machine you can’t move about.

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