5 Tips For Easy Business Travel

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October 18th, 2018   |   Updated on October 18th, 2019

Do you travel frequently? Business trips are great. You get to visit different places, even if it’s for work. While the “free” tours are welcome, they can be more of a hassle if you don’t prepare well.

Frequent traveling can cause a deterioration in health and increase stress. The constant packing, waiting around in airports, losing your luggage, and time lost during transit can take a toll. Making the trip as convenient as possible is essential.

While there’s little you can do if your luggage loss or flight delays, here are five tips that can make your business travel less stressful.

1. Business Trip Packing

Keep a semi-packed bag ready with items like toiletries, underwear, socks, and medication. Frequent travelers know all too well that you can forget essentials. Keeping a pre-packed bag also cuts down time spent packing.

2. Fly Non-Stop

You should seek for the travel agency before flight begins

A lot of people think direct, and non-stop flights are the same, but they have a distinct difference. A non-stop flight means there are no stops along the way.

Direct flights make stops, but you remain on board while some passengers alight and others board. While non-stop flights tend to be pricier, they are more convenient and ensure you get to your destination on time.

To get around, you may need a car. Corporate car rental options are available everywhere. Research on companies that offer good corporate discounts.

3. Ensure All Your Devices Are Charged Up And You Have Steady Internet

Make sure to charge all of your devices before you board the plane. Carry a power bank and a portable charger just in case you need to charge on the go. You don’t want your phone going off in a new place. In case of a delay, you will communicate in good time.

Airport and hotel wifi can be unreliable. Internet downtime is stressful for business travelers. Use reliable sites such as TripAdvisor to source information on hotels that have stable internet connections so you can answer your emails with ease. Alternatively, you can find a portable wifi device and remain connected.

4. Ditch The Hotel And Rent A Place

Keeping the hotel orderly and clean

If you frequent an area often or you are on an extended business trip, rent an apartment. With sites like HomeSuite and Airbnb, you can get a good place hassle-free. They offer short and long-term leasing options and even month to month leases. This is ideal if you want to bring along family or a pet.

A home-like environment can also help you keep your routine. Many travelers forget to have breakfast and healthy meals due to their hectic schedules. In a rented apartment, you can mimic your home routine easily.

5. Download The Best Travel Apps

Take advantage of technology to help you organize your trip. Find the best hotel and flight deals through apps and websites. Apps like can help you create an itinerary. Expensify scans receipts and lets you manually record expenses, car miles and submit expense reports.

While traveling constantly can be hectic, using these tips can make your subsequent trip less stressful and more enjoyable.