What To Expect From Your Lawyer

Expect From Your Lawyer

Published on May 19th, 2020

Hiring a lawyer is something that can be extremely expensive and is a huge investment. However, for many people that find themselves in legal binds, lawyers and other legal experts are an absolute necessity.

For these people, they want to ensure that they are getting the most out of their investment and want to ensure that they’re not wasting their money.

So how can these people ensure that their lawyer is doing a good job? Here’s what to expect from your lawyer.

1. Legal Expertise

The most obvious thing your lawyer should offer is legal expertise. Whether you’re looking for accident lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA or divorce lawyers in L.A, your lawyer should be well versed in the law.

In order to become a lawyer, one must spend years studying law and pass a bar exam in order to practice.

As a result, at a minimum, your lawyer should be well versed in the law, especially in the area that they specialize in.

Your lawyer should not only be able to understand the law themselves, but should also be able to educate you on the law and help you make informed decisions on what the best course of legal action is.

If your lawyer can’t reach this minimum requirement, then you definitely need to look for another lawyer.

2. Open Communication

Working with a lawyer is a partnership. You provide your lawyer with the facts and information, and they bring the legal expertise and experience.

Together the two of you create a legal case. However, in order for this process to work effectively, you’re going to need to be able to effectively and openly communicate with each other.

If communication between the two of you isn’t strong or breaks down, then the case you’re building will suffer.

If you and your lawyer are struggling to communicate or they aren’t giving you the chance to communicate, then perhaps you should look for someone else.

3. Strong Ethics

Lawyers are not only supposed to be practitioners of the law, but are also expected to uphold the law as well.

As a result, you should expect your lawyer to uphold the law and have strong ethics throughout the entirety of your case.

You may not initially have a problem with your lawyer doing something that is slightly out of bounds or unethical, but you definitely should.

If your lawyer is caught doing something shady while handling your case, your entire case could be completely sunk.

Ethics are important when studying and upholding the law, and you shouldn’t expect any less while your lawyer is handling your case.

4. Clearly Defined Fees and Charges

Lawyers can be extremely expensive, as the really high-quality ones could charge hundreds of dollars an hour for consultation.

That being said, they are usually well worth the price and you can match your income to a lawyer that falls within your budget. However, in certain scenarios lawyers might try to sneak hidden fees and charges onto you.

Any lawyer who isn’t completely upfront about what the cost of their services is not only damaging your finances but also is likely much more concerned about getting your money than getting you results.

Although you may be a lawyer’s client, there is a basic underlying trust that needs to be built.

If your lawyer fails to disclose or warn you of all fees and charges associated with their work, then they are breaking that trust. If this happens to you, then you should start looking for a different lawyer.