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The Different Features You Can Find In Cruise Apps

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Published on September 9th, 2019

The footprint of technology is fast expanding in every area of human life. So, you can expect it to have a substantial impact on cruises and tours also. The emergence of mobile apps has redefined the way users plan their cruise vacations today.

In one single touch, these apps allow people to book and organize their cruise trips through seamless features.

If you were wondering how you can make the most of your cruising experience with family and friends, then you must give a try to at least one of them. However, make sure the app contains some of the following characteristics.

1. Search Tool

Choose an app that can quickly find you the best cruise options for you. From deck plans to cruise lines and deals as well as offers, it should give you desired results within seconds.

You should be able to crystallize your searches by looking for a destination, whether the cruise is for family or group or singles, etc. There should be end-to-end details on the routes and ships.

2. Booking

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The millennial is finding comfort in online booking. You can also join them by trying out the secure online booking feature of the app. You need to select a destination and the cruise line service and explore the ports and the deck plan before proceeding with the reservation.

3. Dining Options

Another standard part of the cruise apps is the dining section. You can learn about the menu, hours, dress code, locations, and other such things. Cancellation and reservation services are also easy to access.

4. Weather


You can benefit from this specific feature to a high degree, particularly when you plan for shore excursions. You can follow the weather predictions for the day and accordingly pursue your activities.

5. Wayfinder

There can be many decks on a cruise, due to which you can either get lost or face difficulty finding your area. With the help of the beacon system that runs on low-intensity Bluetooth, you can find your way quickly.

6. Chat Service

People may need advice or have queries about certain aspects of the cruise. For that, apps provide online chat services. You can access it from the app to solve your concerns. Some apps also allow you to text your group members. However, it can come at a small price.

7. Spa Booking


Since the spa seems to be an integral part of cruise ships, you can expect a few apps to give access to this service as well. You can explore the options and packages, and make your reservation too.

If you don’t want to compromise on your cruising experience whether it’s the first time or second, then do choose the trusted cruise apps only. For suggestions, you can explore the list of best cruise apps 2019 – Travel Trend. You can check what apps are most preferred and why.

That means if you have been waiting for your cruise vacation for a long time, then you should wait no more and get ahead with your plans. From pre-cruise to post-cruise, the apps can manage the entire experience for you with ease.