Find Out How Many Carbs Are In Bread

Carbs Are In Bread

March 31st, 2021   |   Updated on June 22nd, 2023

The term “Net Carbs” has been debated among nutritionists in the past decades.

Ever since the popularity of ketogenic dieting began to take hold in the past 40 years, the way we count carbohydrates has been looked at under a microscope to see how our bodies respond to certain foods and how they are converted to energy.

Carbohydrates Versus Fiber

The use of “net carbs” on the packaging of foods that are intended for achieving a ketogenic state has caused confusion as to how many carbohydrates the body actually absorbs after the amount of fiber is taken into account of daily intake.

How Carbs Can Affect Blood Sugar

Since carbohydrates are broken down into chains of sugars, essentially, they are the trigger for the body’s release of insulin.

By keeping a very careful measurement of the intake of carbs, weight loss can be achieved by putting the body into a ketogenic state (which allows the fat stores to be tapped into for its latent energy).

“Net Carbs” are the carbs your body absorbs, which is affected by the fiber content of the food you are eating (also by ‘sugar alcohols’, which are sometimes used in low-carb candy and other foods meant for ketogenic dieters).

Net Carbs are the total sugar units that have been broken down to be absorbed in the blood.

Dietary fiber and sugar alcohol, although counted as carbohydrates, can’t be digested or absorbed into the bloodstream, can’t affect insulin levels, and thus are “subtracted” from total carb counts on the dietary information packaging on many items.

Stay Fuller Longer By Choosing The Right Bread

Most ketogenic diets discourage adding bread to the menu, so smart bakers out there began introducing breads that are packed with fiber, to get the most bang out of the buck when it comes to adding bread back into your menu.

Focusing on high fiber, high protein, and superfood grains, today’s ketogenic breads are packed with heart-healthy fats and a dietary lineup on paper that is hard to beat.

The normal amount of carbs in bread has kept bread off the menu of a lot of health-conscious people for far too long.

Breads and baked goods that are loaded with bleached flour and other components that have been nearly stripped of all the whole grain properties that make them good for you.

In an effort to make a more uniform crumb, and light, fluffy, cake-like breads that gained popularity in the middle of the last century, mass-produced breads have slowly developed a bad reputation for being empty calories that leave you bloated and hungry long before they should.

By using components of whole grains that are high in insoluble dietary fiber, seeds like flaxseed and chia seed, nut flours made with the highest quality ground almonds and other nuts, as well as fats that are known to be heart-healthy and low in saturated fats.

companies like Uprising bring you a new kind of bread – guaranteed to leave customers feeling full, without the dietary “crash” that comes after eating a big load of simple carbs. As a bonus, the high fiber content keeps the gut happy and healthy, promoting regularity.

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There’s no reason to skip the bread when you’re eating ketogenically. Lettuce wraps don’t always have to be the only option for a sandwich.

Hearty, nutty whole-grain breads that are loaded with taste and texture and don’t decimate your daily carb count are out there. Expand your eating horizons without having to wait for a cheat day to do it.

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