The Guide That Makes Taming And Handling An Alpha Male Simple

The Guide That Makes Taming and Handling an Alpha Male Simple

Published on April 29th, 2020

Roughly 95 million Americans are in a committed relationship and plenty of others are ready for one.

More than 30 million people in the US have an online dating profile to help them find love.

Beginning a new relationship is often an exciting time full of ‘firsts’ with your new partner but it can also have its challenges.

You have to get used to your partner’s quirks, habits, and preferences. Understanding how to manage their personality is key if your relationship is going to last.

This is especially true if you’re dating an alpha male. These guys love to be the dominant one in the relationship and will often take control of a situation.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to give into them completely, you just need to know how to tame them.

Want to know exactly how to tame a dominant alpha male? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

What Is An Alpha Male?

Throughout history, there are plenty of examples of alpha male behavior. This term comes from our understanding of animals.

For example, in a wolf pack, the leader is also known as the alpha. They are in charge of where the group hunts, when they move on, and who the pack mates with.

In some cases, there is a tussle over which animal becomes the alpha male in the group with the winner holding the position.

Alpha males are similar. These are men who play a dominant role in social situations and relationships.

Often they lead the conversation and decide where or when events take place.

Some research has shown that being the alpha in a group can trigger a neural reaction known as the ‘winning effect’. This boosts confidence and so contributes further to their alpha behavior.

Dating an alpha male is great for a number of reasons. They are often confident, charismatic, and self-assured.

This attitude can also rub off on their partners, which is another reason why dating an alpha male can be a lot of fun.

But dating an alpha male doesn’t mean you have to become a wallflower.

You just need to know how to deal with an alpha male in a relationship in order to keep both of you happy. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Catching The Attention Of An Alpha Male

A true alpha male isn’t looking to dominate their partner. In fact, they’re looking for someone to match their qualities. This is vital in any relationship if you are going to get on.

You don’t have to be exactly the same and you don’t need to know how to be alpha yourself.

But having similar interests and shared understandings of the world puts your relationship on a strong footing.

If you really want to win over an alpha male, you should try to make a lasting impression.

This means that you stick out in their mind as someone totally unique. This is a very alluring quality for an alpha.

Don’t try to force your way into their attention as this can come across as desperate and needy. Instead, give him just enough to want to spend more and more time with you each day until he’s hooked.

Maintaining An Alpha Relationship

If you want a lasting relationship then you need to know how to please an alpha male. There are several things that you can do in your relationship to keep your alpha partner happy.

Men with alpha male syndrome love you feel praised and supported as this reinforces the winning effect.

Because of this, make sure you take the time to express your appreciation for the things that he does in your relationship.

Outside of your relationship, praise him for his successes no matter how big or small.

These could be personal goals, work achievements, or sports-related. Whatever it is, hearing your praise will make him feel grateful to have you there.

As an alpha, you may find that your partner spends a lot of time with his friends or family, which is important for him.

However, make sure that you carve out quality time to spend together as well. This will show that you value him and means that you make the most of your time together.

Pitfalls To Avoid With Your Alpha Partner

Knowing what to do is as important as knowing what not to do in a relationship with an alpha. Avoiding these pitfalls will ensure a long and happy relationship.

One of the biggest challenges of dating an alpha is knowing how to deal with conflict as they can be very protective of their boundaries.

Take the time to recognize which lines are absolute for your partner and which areas you can negotiate on.

Gender roles, for example, are a fixed belief for most alpha males so challenging these are a no-go.

If you do have to bring up conflict with your partner, try to air your thoughts as ideas rather than criticisms.

Use the phrases ‘I feel’ instead of ‘you do this’ as this comes across as less accusatory.

Another big challenge when dating an alpha male is insecurity. When you are dating someone who is so popular and sought after, it’s easy to start wondering why he chose you.

Worse still, you may start to worry that someone new is on the horizon.

Unfortunately, raising these concerns with an alpha male won’t always go down well so do you best to keep these worries in check.

Focus on praising and supporting your partner instead in order to keep them happy.

This is a much better way to keep them feeling loyal to your relationship and to help you find the positives among your worries.

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